The Language Rose

Hey there!

I bet if you’ve landed here it was because you were looking for a language course! But you are not looking for a random language course, you are looking for a course that takes into account your unique needs, your very special learning style and your communicative goals. You’d like a language course that is tailor made just for you! Am I right? If so, you’re in the right place and we are here to help!

The Language Rose was born to give language students a creative and customised learning experience that make them successful communicators and life-long language learners. Our “rose” of language includes Italian, Spanish, French and English for Spanish and Italian speakers.

Enrolling a one-to-one or a group Language Rose Course is a unique experience that starts and ends with you: the course programmes are built around your needs and aims. Have a look at our range of courses and let us know your needs by emailing at We’d love to learn about you so that we can give you a unique language learning experience!

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