The Language Rose Fun Clubs

Yay! I am so excited about this!

The Language Rose Fun Clubs are our language clubs designed specially for year 4 to 6 children to let them experience a new language and have fun. We love working with children, they are our best present and we want to make them become our best future too.

We’re now organising the new language clubs for next school term in Cambridge!

In our languages clubs, children won’t get only a new language skills but they’ll develop their creativity, team working skills, resilience and self confidence.

Languages available are Italian, Spanish, French and English as a Foreign Language!

It’s going to be a unique experience!

It’s going to be loud!

It’s going to be fun, fun, fun!

Can’t you wait? Us neither! More info on the Language Rose Fun Clubs here!

If you are a primary school in Cambridge or an organisation working with children interested in one of our Language Rose Fun Clubs. please contact us at

Have a fantastic weekend,


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