Common Italian phrases, Free Spanish flashcards, French idioms + great learners: it’s The Language Rose Learning Club!

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When I was learning English to pass my IELTS in order to get into my master’s course at Warwick uni, I used to have an address book where I would note down new useful words and phrasse I came across with the aim of remembering and using them in my writing and speaking.

Every now and then, I would flick through the address book and see which words I remembered. Some of them, I remembered, some others I didn’t.Despite this, I loved flicking through my little vocabulary list in alphabetical order, as it gave me a sense of accomplishment about what I had learned up to that point.

Yet, I soon realized that this system had its own flaws.

We know that the brain remembers better by association and by putting words in a context. I realised that I should’ve organized the words by topics rather than by alphabetical order… or maybe I should’ve just used Google to find out that there was a fantastic tool called Quizlet that would allow me to do this in a interactive way. Quizlet is a great online tool that allow you to create personalized language flashcards and practice your vocabulary with games and fun online activities.

So today I want to invite you to use this tool to boost your vocabulary too. And I’ll help with that!

As a founder of The Language Rose Learning Club, I have created three online classes on Quizlet with free flashcards:

Italiano per tutti – with Italian flashcards
Español para todos – with Spanish flashcards
Français pour tous – with French flashcards

From now on, every week I shall update a set of flashcards in each language class on rotation (so one week I shall create a set of free Spanish flashcards, the following week there will be a set of free Italian flashcards and so on ).

The flashcards will feature not only words but also common phrases and idioms in Italian, Spanish and French. Every set of flashcards will also be organized by topic, so you’ll be able to find what you are looking for easily.

About the flashcards topics, I’d love to hear your take. Leave a comment below to let me know which topic would like to see featured in the next flashcards set.

To join one of the classes (or all three!) and start to learn your language of choice right now, click here. It’s completely free! You’ll also become a member of The Language Rose Learning Club and I’d be honored to welcome you. You’ll receive an email with all the instructions about joining your chosen language class on Quizlet to start practicing with your free flashcards right now.

The Language Rose Learning Club aims to connect creative language learners and help them to become successful communicators. Once you join us, you’ll be part of a supportive and creative community that will help you to conquer your foreign dream by learning and practicing your favourite foreign language.

Join The Language Rose Learning Club and get your free flashcards here.

And don’t forget to leave your thoughts below. Which flashcards set would like to see next in your online Italian, Spanish or French class? Tell me in the comments and hope to see you in The Language Rose Learning Club.

Happy learning,


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