The REAL reasons why learn Spanish


So, you are considering learning Spanish.

But, you can’t get yourself started.

After all is the second most widespread language in the world.

In fact, you’re already aware of all the possible, rational reasons why Spanish is a language worth learning.

Now the real question is what is YOUR personal, unique, most compelling reason why you want to learn Spanish. The ones that makes you all excited, your eyes sparkle and your heart go BOM BOM BOM!

Let yourself be inspired! Here are five, heart felt, reasons why learn Spanish.

1.You L-O-V-E Spanish food -you seriously do! You are the best client of your local Spanish restaurant and sometimes you really wish you could understand those conversations between those tanned Spanish waiters. They look like having lots of fun. You want to join in. Imagine asking them in Spanish what they recommend from the menú: “qué me recomienda?”. You won’t be their best customer anymore. You’ll be their MOST FAVOURITE!!! ¡El Número uno!

2. Spanish is fast! You are fascinated by how quickly Spanish people speak. It’s undeniable. They do speak…¡muy rápido! A study by Dr François Pellegrino found that Spaniards utter an average of 7.82 syllables per second, as against 6.17 for English speakers (he called Spanish speakers “metralletas hablantes “ which means “talking submachine guns”. Funny but effective!). You wish you could speak as fast as them. It’s cool, it’s witty, it’s… Spanish! !VAMOS A APRENDER!

3. You love Latin music and dance -and I’m not talking about Despacito -only! You love mambo, salsa, bachata, merengue… you think that Shakira sounds much better when she sings in Spanish, your heart melts every time you listen to Romeo Santos’ bachatas (despite you may not understand what he says) and can’t stop dancing every time you hear a song by Marc Anthony. And shall we talk about Gente de Zona? No, better not to talk about them. Just sing along their songs: “¡Y se formó la gozadera!

4. Spanish Art is your passion. And History too. The talent of Velazquez, the genius of Gaudí, the visionary Dalí, the scary but fascinating paintings by Goya… all these artists are great representatives of different eras of Spanish history and their art reflects their ideology, culture and society. Wanna find out more about them? Learning about them in Spanish would give you a so much better insight of their lives and society.

5.It’s holiday time. Which Spanish speaking country are you going to? Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, Mexico… wherever you’ll travel to, you’re going to have the most mind blowing experience by connecting with locals. Talk to them. See eye to eye to them. Taste their food. Go off the beaten track. Really hear the hustle and bustle of their little town. Immerse yourself in their culture and transform your holiday in a life changing experience. Start to learn Spanish now!

So are you ready to learn Spanish? You can start right now for FREE by joining the Language Rose Learning Club ,

And, now I’d love to hear your take: What is the most compelling reason to learn Spanish for YOU?

Tell me in the comments below.

I can’t wait to read your thoughts.

Hasta la vista, baby!


P.S. WAIT! You can’t leave without trying the learning activity of the day!

Find in the blog post the Spanish equivalent of the following words or phrases:
fast, see you soon, very, slowly, let’s learn, what, you recommend (formal), party (Cuban Spanish), number 1.

P.P.S. Today it’s flashcards day!I have just added a new set of flashcards to the Spanish class on Quizlet. Grab them here!

2 thoughts on “The REAL reasons why learn Spanish

  1. Artie Duncanson says:

    I spent some time in Colombia this past winter and realized how much more fruitful my time spent there would’ve been if I had a better knowledge of Spanish. I will return to South America this winter, and I’m determined to go in with a working knowledge of Spanish.

    The one problem I have is very little time. I work in the maritime industry, putting in about 110 hours per week of work! Then at night I work on a computer program I’m developing. So I’ll need something that won’t take more than a half hour per day… if I can even find that much time.


    • The Language Rose says:

      Artie, I understand you so much as I’ve been there too:very little or no time at all to do what I wanted to do. I’d suggest you to have a look at your calendar or typical day and see whenever you can find a chunk of time for spanish(if not 30, even 15 minutes a day, the most important is consistency) and block it by making it non compromisable at all. See if that works for you!


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