3 cool ways to use your vocabulary flashcards

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If you are familiar with The Language Rose (aka this website! :P), you know that every week I create free flashcards sets in Italian, Spanish and French to help learners like you to become fluent in these languages.

One of the reasons why I create flashcards every week is that I believe that they are one of the most fun and effective way to learn vocabulary in a new language.

Although many just flip through their flashcard deck in order to aid memorisation and revise vocabulary, you can do so much more with them!

Here are 3 cool and simple ways to use your flashcard deck and get to memorise more words:

1. Personalise them with pretty pictures

If you are a visual learner (to find out if that’s the case, have a look at my blog post about discovering your “Learning Superpowers”), personalising your flashcards with pretty pictures or your own drawings is super helpful! It’s not much about the flashcard itself, but the process of its creation. In fact, by creating or searching for the right picture for your flashcard, you’ll create a very specific memory in your brain that will help you remember that word better. So, start your picture hunt right now!


2. Create a cool screensaver for your phone

Get 10 or more flashcards in your target language (e.g. Italian), arrange them in a nice way and take a photo. Add a nice filter, crop the picture in order to fit the background of your phone, iPad or laptop and, finally set it up as a screensaver or wallpaper. I bet, you’ll be able to remember those words for sure, after looking at them so many times!!


3. Play “Snap” with a friend

Get a set of bilingual flashcard (e.g. Spanish/English) and your best friend (or your brother, sister, mum or grandma!) to play “snap”. Your aim in this game is to recognise a specific word that is featured in the flashcard deck. Here’s how:

1. Choose a word in English (or your native language) that is featured in the flashcards set (e.g. if you have a set of Spanish/English flashcards about furniture, your English word could be “chair”).

2. Shuffle the flashcards and then start to throw them on the table, one by one. Ensure that the side with the target language (e.i. Spanish) is facing up.

3. When the previously chosen word in the target language shows up (in our case, it’d be “silla”), as soon as you recognise it, shout “snap” and spat your hand on it. The first learner that recognises the word gets the point.

This is a good game, if you are just starting to learn those words. And if you want an added level of challenge, you could try this with words that have similar spelling. Be careful not to spat your friend’s hand, though!!

Can’t wait to try these strategies but you don’t have a flashcard deck? Make sure you grab my online flashcards by joining the Language Rose Learning Club right here.

You’ll receive a welcome email that gives you access to my FREE online classes that feature over 100 flashcards in Italian, Spanish and French -that you can also print out and personalise!

Do you have any more flashcard game or activity you’d like to add to this list? Share it in the comments below!

Happy learning for now, my friend!

I’ll see you next week,


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