Need some language practice? Here’s where you can find me!

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EXCITING NEWS!  *Trumpets blowing*

I’ve brainstormed a few ideas to allow you and the other learners in the Language Rose Learning Club to practise more the language you love – and make new friends too!

First of all, make sure you go and like my Facebook page, because this is where also the language party is going to happen! 🙂

Here’s the plan for The Language Rose Learning Club, starting from next week.

  • Monday: Website, blog + Quizlet updates 

From next week, I’m going to publish new articles and videos on my website on Monday (rather than over the weekend). Plus, I shall also update the Quizlet class on this day too! YAY!

  • Tuesday: Italian Conversation Starter on FB page

From next week onwards, I’ll share a conversation starter in Italian on the facebook page. Come on over to learn a few conversational phrases and practice with other learners. I shall hang around too!

  • Wednesday: Conversation Starter in Spanish on FB page

…And on Wednesday, we’ll have a conversation starter in Spanish! 🙂

  • Thursday: Conversation Starter in French on FB page

….While on Thursday, it’s French turn!

  • Friday: Share your language learning goal + wins on the FB page

On the Facebook page, there will be a post inviting you to share your language learning goal for the week to come and share your wins too. Come on over! You might be able to connect with someone which is learning your same language !!

Do you like these ideas? Let me know your thoughts!

I hope you’ll have fun joining in!

Hope to connect with you on Facebook too!

Have a fantastic weekend,


P.S. Don’t miss a single update and sign up  right here, before you go! 🙂

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