Why you should write your New Year’s goals in your second language


This is my way of saying to you, “Happy new year”:

When I was a kid (kinda an older kid!), I used to watch an Italian TV programme for children called Melevisione (you could translate it literally as Applevision = apple + television. It was a television that used to eat apples rather than electricity in order to work, but that’s another story…).

The main character was a lively ginger elf who made all kind of stuff with paper, scissors, glue and glitter and told stories about fairies, witches, princes and princesses.
Still now, I remember one specific episode that it was aired during one New Year’s Day.

The elf suggested writing down all our wishes for the new year on a decorated sheet of paper. Then, we had to put the sheet in a sealed envelope, and open it the year after.

This was a way to let God/ the universe/ the Higher Power know our most important wishes and hope they would become true.

I really loved this activity, and I decided to adapt it and make it more personal.

Rather than my wishes, I wrote down my goals and dreams for next year. The things I wanted to accomplish and work towards throughout the new year. However, I didn’t write them in my native language, Italian. I did it in English -in case some Italian family member would find the sheet and read it. It was personal stuff!!

It was my Secret Goals & Dreams Sheet, and I was the only one able to read it.

Here’s what happened the year after.

I opened the sheet, and yes, I realised that some of the dreams did come true. One of these was improving my English.

How did I realise this? Well, whilst reading the sheet, I found lots of mistakes in my writing (which was dated back to the previous year) and was able to correct them. YAY!
So, now, my question to you is this: 

What are your dreams and goals for next year?  


Quali sono i tuoi sogni e obiettivi per il nuovo anno?


¿Cuáles son tus sueños y objetivos para el próximo año?


Quels sont tes rêves et tes objectifs pour l’année prochaine?


[insert here the question in the language you’re learning here]
and below are some starters for your sentences:

I would like… ( example: I would like to improve my English)

Vorrei… (esempio: Vorrei migliorare il mio inglese)

Me gustaría… (ejemplo: Me gustaría mejorar mi inglés)

Je voudrais… (exemple: Je voudrais améliorer mon anglais)
Write your dreams and goals down. Make them official. And don’t hold yourself back. You’re writing them in your “secret” language. 😉

Put the sheet with your dreams and goals into an envelope. Seal it. Open it next year. You may be surprised.
Need some inspiration? Here’s  what a friend sent me yesterday to wish me happy new year.
I wish you the very same and more!
Buon anno! ¡Feliz año nuevo! Bonne année! Happy new year!

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