Ask me anything!

Recently I have a new obsession: podcasts!

Especially the ones that have Q+A show in it!

I love Q+A shows!! 😍 So I thought, how about having our own Q+A show for language learning?

When I thought about it, I felt very excited which means only one thing… I had to do it!

So, it’s over to you!!

Is there a particular question on your mind?

Something you’re really struggling with in your language learning?

Something you’ve been curious about?

Something you’d love to see me discuss in a future article, email newsletter or class?

Feel free to type your question right here. Any language related topic is cool. Italian, Spanish, French, English, speaking, listening, reading, writing, art & culture, travelling, finding motivation, dealing with challenges, learning strategies, even teaching if you’re a teacher like me… whatever’s on your mind!

You can include your name (if you wish) or be anonymous.

I can’t wait to As your Qs!


P.S. If you’re wondering which podcasts are on my playlist…they are a variety!  My current obsession is AskGaryVee! As far as language learning is concerned, I listen to Notes in Spanish -Advanced (there’s also the intermediate and beginner one!) and  Asalto Emprendedora to keep my Spanish up + learn things about business.

P.P.S French learners, you could try J’Ouellete podcast or Learn French by Podcast. Instead, Five Minutes Italian by Joy of Languages is a podcast I advice my beginner Italian learners.

P.P.P.S. And, speaking about the Joy of Languages by Katie Harris, this week I’m at her blog with an article called 9 Catchy Songs to Learn Italian (+ Lyrics and Translation) . 🙂

P.P.P.P.S. I have a free ebook where I share my personal strategies that I used to become fluent in English, Spanish and French. You can download it right here or by clicking on the picture below! 🙂


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