How to memorise verb conjugations

It all started with a question: “How can I memorise verb conjugations?” .

This was a question asked by Elah, after I sent an email out to my email list, the Language Rose Learning Club (What? You haven’t joined it yet? Please join right here and get a few free goodies as a welcome gift!!), and the subject line was : “Ask me Anything

Then other folks on my Instagram asked me this same question.

It had to be answered publicly! A blog post about it had to be done!

But then… I’ve always had this dream of having my own language learning show and wanted to call it Ermy’s Q&A show (WO-HOOOO!).

Sounded nice. But never did it before. Because I am a bit camera shy. And also very self conscious. And the idea of a Vlog kinda scared me (I kid you not!)!

Then, last weekend, I just decided to stop with these silly excuses. And rather then type my ass off as I normally do for each one of the blog posts in this website, I decided to film myself and actually do a Vlog.

And below is the result.

On episode 1 of Ermy’s Q+A Show, I give you a few tips on memorising verb endings in Spanish.

These strategies also apply if you’re learning Italian, French or another language that requires you to memorise verbs endings. 🙂

Watch it and leave a comment to let me know your thoughts (don’t be a lurker! 😛 )

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Article: “How to learn languages easily- find out your learning superpowers!” =
To practise verb conjugations in different languages


IN THE COMMENTS BELOW ANSWER TO #TODAYQUESTION: “What’s your top tip to remember verbs conjugations?”

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P.S. It took me courage to put this video out. So now I’d like you to be a little bit brave too. So, if you’re one of those people who have been reading my blog for a while but never comment, please put yourself out there too. Say “Hi!” in the comments below! 🙂

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