10 Essential Italian phrases + 3 Italian idioms – LIVE LESSON

What happens when two bloggers passionate about Italian language join together on a Instagram live?

Michele from the Intrepid Guide and I have done a double IG live to teach you 10 essential Italian phrases  and 3 Italian idioms that your really want to know, especially if you’re a beginner.

During the live video Michele and I discuss the pronunciation of the use of the following Italian phrases:

Hello – Ciao

Hello- Salve

How are you? – Come va?

I’m good, and you? – Bene, e tu?

Thank you – grazie

Please – per favore

Goodbye – arrivederci

I’m vegetarian – sono vegetariano/a

We also talk about how to use the following idioms:

Ma che cavolo – what the hell!
Essere buono come il pane -to be as good as gold
Andare liscio come l’olio – to work out beautifully

Click to play the video

Warning: this video does not have the best quality as it’s recorded from an IG live, but I’ve edited and added some captions to allow you to see how each Italian phrase and idiom is written

Thank you so much, Michele for having this idea and inviting me over to spread the love for the Italian Language.

I’ve put all the phrases above in a set of online flashcards that you can get if you click right here.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get an email to access all my Italian/English flashcards, including the ones we discuss in the video. You’ll be able to practise the pronunciation of today’s phrases and do lots of interactive games to memorise them. Here is the link to download the flashcards.

Finally, in the comments below, let me know:

1.What’s the phrase you liked the most from this live lesson and why?

2. Is there any Italian topic or vocabulary you’d like me to cover in another video? I may teach it LIVE soon just for you!!



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