How to move past the intermediate level

Have you reached a plateau in your language learning?

Are you stuck at an intermediate level?

Roberta is learning English and feels a bit stuck. She asked on my Facebook page, using #AskErmy,  how to overcome the intermediate plateau and get to a more advanced level.

In episode 3 of Ermy’s Q&A show I give Roberta five steps to move past the intermediate barrier. If you too are studying a language and feel that you’re unable to move past the intermediate level, you can’t miss this episode!

Here are my 5 steps to move past the intermediate level in the language you’re learning

  1. Be aware of your current level and of what you need to do at a linguistic level and at communication level in order to progress
  2. Choose language learning material that challenges you
  3. Be aware of how you learn best
  4. Be deliberate in your practice and get out of your comfort zone consistently
  5. Enjoy your learning journey.

In the video below I discuss in more details all these steps. Watch it now!

Resources mentioned in the video:

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Article: Learn languages easily – find out your learning superpowers

Now, over to you:

Do you have any advice for Roberta to help her overcome the intermediate barrier?

Tell us in the comments below!

And if you have a question for me, write it in the comments below using #AskErmy and you may be the next one to be featured on the show!!

A presto,


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