How learning a language can change your life

Question for you: Can learning another language be a life changing experience?

As per my experience, learning a new language can certainly help you develop your confidence and resilience which will make you a much more well rounded, empathetic communicator, but it can also lead you to events and opportunities that can deeply impact your life.

In this 10 minutes talk for The Festival of Languages at Storyhouse in Chester, I share my story of how I started learning my first second language and how it led to my love for languages … which led to unexpected life changing opportunities. 😃

Get a cup of tea and enjoy listening to this 15 minutes talk to find out:

  • Why I started learning a second language (it’s not what you’re thinking!)
  • How I overcame my fear of speaking my second language (namely English!)
  • Why mistakes are a good thing in language learning (and in life!)
  • The three life-changing things that I’ve learned in my attempt to become fluent in my second language (and these things are not grammar or vocabulary related)
  • The story of three more people for whom learning a language revealed to be a life changing experience

Here is the video. I hope it will inspire you to keep learning and growing!

Did you love this talk?

Then you should get my free ebook “How to Become Fluent in The Language you Love” where I give more personal anectodes and tips on how to become fluent in your second language. It’s free and you can find it right here!

Finally, to wrap up, I’d like to give a special thanks and a shout out to the ladies I mention in my talk who have shared their wonderful language learning stories with me: the incredible Michele Frolla from The Intrepid Guide (, whose language learning story can be found right here.  Fran Norris from My Sicilian Challenge on Instagram, whose story was shared right here.  An finally, Christina from The Real Polyglot ( whose story will be soon shared on The Language Rose as well!  Stay tuned! 😉

And now over to you!

Let me know in the comments how learning a language has impacted your life or mention someone who has become part of your life because you were able to learn and speak their language.

I can’t wait to hear from you,


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