3 things Italians never do with food


Welcome, my friend, to a new video series for travellers like you, called “Culture Shock”!

Unike Ermy’s Q+A show, “Culture Shock” videos are going to be short videos that explore cultural topics of interest and funny things that can puzzle travellers and keen Italian learners whose first language is English.

My first “Culture Shock” video is about something very important to Italians: food.

If you’re about to travel to Italy and are not aware of Italian eating habits, in this video you’ll find out:

  • Why you should not order a pizza with pineapple
  • when it’s the right time to drink a cappuccino,
  • why you should not order a latte next time you go to an Italian cafeteria.

Oooh..by the way, are you learning Italian because you’re travelling to Italy?

You should try my Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers. You can find it right here!

And if are visiting Italy soon, her are some Italian towns you should not miss, if you really want to practise some Italian –and avoid people who answer back to you in English!

Now it’s over to you…

What’s your favourite Italian dish? When was the last time you had it?

Tell me in the comments below,

A presto,


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