how italians eat

How Italians actually eat

Ever wondered about Italian eating etiquette?

How do Italians eat? And what’s up with all those courses?

In this video you’ll find out what you should do if you’re ever invited to an Italian lunch and why you should always eat fruit at the end of your Italian meal.

Plus you’ll also learn a few Italians phrases and an idiom that will really help you stand out at your next Italian gathering around the table.

Happy watching!

Italians words and phrases mentioned in this video:

Piatto: plate

Forchetta: fork

Coltello:  knife

Cucchiaio: spoon

Bicchiere: glass

Apparecchiare: to set up the table before a meal

Antipasto: starter

Primo: first course

Secondo: Second course

Dolce: dessert

Frutta: Fruit

Essere alla frutta: idiomatic expression that means to be at the end or to reach the limit of something

All of the words above can be found in my flashcards online that you can get for free right here.

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And if you’d like to find out more about Italian eating habits and what to order next time you go to an Italian restaurant, you should definitely check this other video out!

Oh… and before you go, let me know in the comments below,

What do you think about Italian eating etiquette? And what’s your favourite part of an Italian meal, if you  have any?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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