Italian things – Why Italians are late for dates

Have you ever dated an Italian before?

If so, I bet they were 5-10 minutes late (at least!).

And maybe you got frustrated about it. Such a lack of respect!

Well…believe it or not, your Italian friend was not trying to be disrespectful towards you. They were just trying to make your life easier… because they were thinking you were going to be late too!

Because Italians carry out their day to day following an agenda full of approximate appointment times, where the main rule is…“prendersela comoda”. And they think you may like to do that too!

Find out what this means by watching the video below

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Yeah, I know. It’s not easy to date an Italian…but, hey, think about it: their lack of punctuality is actually a very clever “mindful ” practice.

Who needs meditation when you can just enjoy getting ready for your next appointment without stressing out! By being present in every moment. By enjoying a nice, looong walk. 😉

This Italian-lateness-thing is not that bad, after all!!

If you wanna be less stressed out, behave like an Italian. Take it easy. Take it slow. Then, on your next date you’ll be late too, just like your Italian friends. AKA, everyone will be there at the same time, which consequently means that everyone will be punctual! Sorted! 😉

What’s your experience with dating an Italian? Tell me in the comments below!

With lots of Italian love,


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P.P.S. If you want to know more about Italian culture, you’ll probably enjoy this video right here. And this one too! 🙂

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