English habits that Italians will never understand

For some English people it’s normal to walk around with wet hair, or just eat at random times and have shower straight after…but if you want to know what an Italian think about all of these things, watch the video below!

You may get surprised or… traumatised!

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I want to know your point of view on Italian habits instead: what’s the weirdest or most irritating Italian habit you’ve ever witnessed too?

For example, one Italian habit that can be quite annoying is that they are normally late for an appointment — I talk about it right here!

What do you think? Tell me in the comments below!

Have a fun day,


One thought on “English habits that Italians will never understand

  1. Karen Williams says:

    Funny post , says more about English habits and sayings and how similar they are to Italian myths , we too say you’ll catch a cold if you go out with wet hair and youll get the bends if you go in water…..rather than swim after food. So funny an Italian may warn you not to go in bath or shower. YOUR CUCKOO !!!!! BUT i DO LOVE YOUR VIDEOS


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