Italian for English speakers: 5 common mistakes beginners make

Have you ever wondered how to pronounce “gli”? Or how to use “in” or “a” correctly to say where you live in Italian ?

Or do you know how to say your age correctly in Italian?

If your native language is English, when you first start learning Italian you may find some of these things confusing!

In this video I show you five common mistakes English speakers make when they first start speaking Italian and how to fix them!

You are going to learn:

  • How to pronounce the word “gli” in a easy way
  • How to say your age in Italian
  • How to use “avere” correctly in Italian.
  • How to use “in” and “a” when you’re saying where you live in Italian
  • What tense to use when you’re talking about how long you’ve been doing (presente vs passato prossimo).

Watch the video below to learn more! 🙂

Now let me know in the comments below…

As a beginner, what has been your main struggle with learning and speaking Italian? I can help you out!

Happy Italian learning,


P.S. Have you just started learning Italian? The Italian Starter Kit can help you! You can find right here! Or you can also check out for free my Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers!Image

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