How to pronounce “ciao” in Italian + 9 more basic Italian words you are getting wrong!

Ever wondered how to pronounce ciao in Italian correctly? What about the words grazie?

In this Italian video lesson (done live!) I introduce 10 basic Italian words that most people mispronounce in Italian.

Watch this Italian video lesson to find out:

  • How to pronounce ciao in Italian
  • How to pronounce grazie
  • How to pronounce buongiorno
  • How to pronounce other tricky words, such as cameriere
  • Some ESSENTIAL rules you need to know to pronounce any Italian words right!

Below are some useful time stamps in case you are in a rush )but you can watch the whole class and try the quizzes):

  • 5:10 – (C sounds) How to pronounce “ciao”, “cameriere” .”cucchiaio”. “bicchiere”, “forchetta”
  • 25:46 – (G sounds) How to pronounce “buongiorno”, “pomeriggio” , “spaghetti”, “Inghilterra”
  • 41:13 – How to pronounce “grazie” and “gli”

Download the learning sheet with notes from this lesson right here and make sure you subscribe to know when the next live Italian lesson is — so you can join us!

You can also join my free facebook group “Italian for English Speakers ” right here for extra practice.

Finally, if you’d like more tips on how to get a great pronunciation in Italian, make sure you also watch this short video right here on how to sound more Italian or read this article right here to get 9 easy tips for an awesome Pronunciation.

A presto,


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