How to use present tense in Italian to talk about anything you want

You know, beginner Italian students often tell me that they find it difficult to remember all the Italian verb conjugations and use them correctly in conversation.

Is this the same for you?

It’s normal.

This often happens when you’ve been learning Italian on your own with an app, such as Duolingo.

Don’t get me wrong! I like Duo!

However, an app like Duolingo doesn’t really explain you how to structure your sentence in Italian and… how to use Italian verbs in conversations relevant to you.


I’ve created an online Conversational Grammar Workshop called “How To Use Italian Present Tense To Talk About Anything You Want” to help you do just this!

This workshop is called “conversational grammar workshop” for a reason.

My aim is to help you understand and use the most important Italian verbs in the present tense to talk about a variety of topics that are relevant to you.

You may wonder: why just present tense? 

Because this conversational grammar workshop is aimed to people with a beginner level (or with some knowledge) of Italian who wants to have their first Italian conversation, and because…

The Present Tense is one of the most flexible verb forms in Italian. 

You can use the Italian present tense to talk about a wide variety of things including what you do in general, what you are currently doing, your likes and dislikes, making requests, enquiring about other people, and much more!

In this online Conversation Grammar workshop in a tiny group of 8 students. You’ll learn:

  • How to use “presente indicativo” (Italian present tense) in a variety of conversation scenarios that are relevant to you
  • Which present tense form you need to use when you are having a catch up with someone over the phone (or video chat!). 
  • My best tricks to help you remember how to conjugate Italian verbs correctly whilst speaking
  • How you should NOT use the Italian present tense and the differences with the English present tense (Present Simple). 
  • How to use the Italian present tense in conversation to refer to future events! 

This online Conversation Grammar Workshop is for you if:

  • You know some Italian but haven’t managed to have a conversation in Italian yet — you’d like to get started now!
  • You’ve been studying Italian on an app up to know and you’d like to learn how to put the vocabulary you know into sentences that actually make sense!
  • You want to learn how to conjugate Italian verbs correctly while speaking
  • You want to learn the most important and used irregular verbs in Italian and use them correctly in the present tense
  • You like roleplaying and want to develop your speaking skills in Italian
  • You want to master the use of present tense in Italian to talk about a variety of topics
  • You are playful and have excellent sense of humour.

This online Conversation Grammar Workshop is not for you if:

  • You can speak Italian at an intermediate level or above
  • You have already mastered the use of present tense in Italian.
  • You have little or no difficulties in conjugating verbs correctly while speaking
  • You hate roleplaying
  • You hate getting to know new people
  • You have zero sense of humour.

This online workshop begins at 17:30 (BST) on Thursday 25th of June on Zoom (I’ll send you the link to join it). You can book your spot right here.

There are only 8 spot available and the first 4 booking the workshop will also get an extra one to one session with me to further practice their Italian skills!

The price includes the following

  • A helpful and fun language workshop to help you master the present tense to have your first Italian conversation
  • Pre-workshop activities that are  tasks to be done before the workshop so you can make the most out of it.
  • After-workshop activities to help you remember the vocabulary and grammar you’ve learned during the workshop.
  • Any transaction fee for payment process
  • BONUS : One month access to my online class with all the vocabulary flashcards for this workshop. You can access this class through your phone, computer or tablet. (whose value is £30, almost as much as the workshop, but you get it for free when you join this class!)

Are you in? I promise you, you’ll learn a lot and have fun!

Make sure you book right now here  so I can send you the preparation tasks for the workshop and you can make the most out of this Conversational Grammar Workshop!

I hope to see you there!

A presto,


P.S. Have you got any question about this workshop? Please just reply to this email and let me know.

P.P.S. Can’t afford this workshop? No pressure and no worries. I have a full playlist of free Italian classes on YouTube right here. Enjoy them!

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