False friends-Italian/English: 5 easily confused adjectives to describe people in Italian

In this Italian video lesson (done live!) I introduce 5 false friends in Italian and English.

They are 5 adjectives used to describe people in Italian.

Watch the full video lesson or go to the time stamps below to find out the real meaning of the following Italian adjectives used to describe people:

  • 6:44 Meaning and use of “bravo”(vs brave)
  • 19:19 Meaning and use of “grosso” (vs gross)
  • 31:08 Meaning and use of “baldo” (vs bald)
  • 36:16 Meaning and use of “educato” (vs educated)
  • 43:15 Meaning and use of “lunatico” (vs lunatic)

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Finally, if you enjoy the topic of false friends, you should definitely check out this video lesson right here about the real meaning of attendere (vs to attend) ! Another false friend!

A presto,


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