Possessive adjectives in Italian: how to use them and avoid common mistakes!

Possessive adjectives in Italian can be confusing but in this lesson we are going to learn them once for all.

Watch this Italian class to learn:

– All the possessive adjectives in Italian (which are the same as the Italian possessive pronouns!Two at the “price” of one!😉)

– What changes when you use Italian possessive adjectives with family members nouns (standard and colloquial form).

– How to avoid common mistakes with Italian possessive adjectives.

– Do our Italian possessive adjectives quiz (write in the comments your answer, if you like).

Below are some useful time stamps in case you are in a rush )but you can watch the whole class and try the quizzes):

  • 3:58 use of MIO (my) and TUO (your)
  • 12:03 use of SUO (his, her) and NOSTRO (our)
  • 21:07 use of VOSTRO (your –plural) and LORO (their)
  • 28:52 Common mistakes with possessive adjectives: mistake #1, #2 #3.
  • 27:14 Common mistakes with possessive adjectives: mistake #4, #5
  • 56:28 Recap

Download the learning sheet with notes from this lesson right here and make sure you subscribe to know when the next live Italian lesson is — so you can join us!

You can also join my free facebook group “Italian for English Speakers ” right here for extra practice.

Finally, if you’d like more tips on how adjectives work in Italian and some cool adjectives you can use to describe people in Italian, watch also this class right here.

A presto,


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