Italian short story: “Cerchi scuse o fai progressi” (Excuses or progress?) by Alexandra Franzen

The short story in Italian you’re about to listen to is an Italian translation of the story “Excuses or Progress?” by Alexandra Franzen.

Alexandra, or Alex, is one of my favourite writers and I thought you may like her work too.

That’s why I decided to introduce you to her in my own way: by translating one of her stories in Italian — to help you learn!

You can learn more about Alex right here and below is one of my favorite stories by her translated into Italian for you (+ link to the original version of the story in English).

Press play to listen to Alexandra’s short story translated into Italian by yours truly (Ermy!😃)!

You can find the original English version of the story at Alexandra Franzen’s website right here.

You can download a pdf document with the Italian version of the story along with its original in English right here!

When you download the pdf, you’ll be able to compare both texts, learn more words and also read along with me in Italian.

In the pdf you’ll also find some cool activities that are designed to help you improve your vocabulary, pronunciation and sentence structure in Italian.

I hope this story will help you improve your Italian and also leave you inspired and motivated.

Buona lettura e buon ascolto!


P.S. You can find more Italian short stories written by me right here and right here

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