Italianize Your Life

You may have heard me saying “Italianize your life”.

But what does that mean actually?

Here is what Italianize your life means to me…

❤️Ditch the hectic lifestyle and strive for a more relaxed routine.

❤️Having the time to do things you love.

❤️Being grateful for the simple things in life (the sunshine, the morning coffee, your favourite pasty…)

❤️Making and/or eating delicious food — and enjoying a sloooow lunch or dinner!

❤ A “passeggiata” after lunch or…

❤ A “pisolino” (nap) in the middle of the day.

❤️ Filling your eyes with beautiful things by visiting an art gallery, a museum or by flicking through an art book.

❤️Learning Italian in a way that resonate with you.

❤️Making art (a drawing, a photo, a doodle or even your colourful notes of your last Italian language session).

❤️Listening to Italian music whilst relaxing in your favourite armchair.

❤️Making the time to read things your enjoy (in Italian).

❤️Moving your body — while following a training video in Italian.

❤ “Aperitivo” with friends before dinner.

❤️Embodying the best personality traits of those Italian people you love…

❤ What else could we add to this list?

🌟 What does Italianize your life mean to you?

Let me know in the comments below.


P.S. Imagine: what if you could create your own Italian life now, without having to move to Italy yet? I am working on a very special programme all in Italian that will help you experience the “art of Italian living”, whilst helping you improve your Italian language skills. If you have at least an intermediate level of Italian and you’d love to create your Italian life now + get expert feedback to get your Italian to the next level, book a call with me here right now — and I’ll tell you all the details! 

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