The Language Rose Learning Philosophy

1.We believe in purposeful learning. Why you are learning a language is MUY IMPORTANTE! Because your why decides what you need to learn and what we need teach you. If you have a compelling why, you’ll be able to stand up every time you stumble on a rock on your learning path, or set yourself free every time you’ll feel stuck and disheartened. Your why is the vision, the purpose, that makes all the difference in your learning.

2. We believe in courageous and unstoppable learners.To learn a language you’ve got to speak up, take risks and be prepared to make and embrace mistakes. Accept that the language learning path is not always straightforward, in fact it can be tricky and messy. It’ll require you to get out of your comfort zone! Ans yes, you’re going to make mistakes on the way! In fact, every one does. Don’t beat yourself up for it, but learn from it.  The more mistakes you make, the more you learn. If you embrace this concept, you’ll become a courageous and unstoppable learner.

3. We believe that communication is The Goal. Sometimes your sentence won’t be grammatically perfect. Yet, you are being understood. You’ve got your point across. That’s excellent job!  Because it’s the main goal of speaking a language: communicating. So, although WE LOVE grammar (oh! So very much!), we are on a quest to recover from perfectionism and prioritise communication skills. We want to make learners great communicators in the first place, because speaking a foreign language it’s about “communication, not perfection”.

4.We believe in individuality and embrace it. Every learner is different and language learning, done in The Language Rose way, is also a path of self-discovery to find out how you learn and how you can become a better learner. By figuring out what makes your brain click (and also what doesn’t), what makes you understand and retain information, you’ll maximize your progress and become a lifelong learner. Being aware of your unique “learning superpowers” is a great insight to have that’ll help you not only to master a foreign language but also to develop in other areas of your life.

5.We believe in creativity, in thinking outside the box. We like experimenting different ways to make your language practice memorable, fun, and relevant. Don’t be surprised if one lesson we’ll be calling a local Italian restaurant to book a table (in Italian!), or I’m asking you to sing an Italian and make up a story our of it. This is how we put language into practice. I bet, you’ll love it!

6. We believe in consistency. What I am going to say may disappoint you, but it’s just the truth: there is no shortcut or quick fix program to master a language. A language is not a subject you can cram information about, like when you are learning History or Geography. In order to really master a language, you’ve got to take consistent actions and be really committed to learn more and more every day. You’ve got to be resourceful and find any way to practice also outside your language class, because that’s what will make you progress for sure. And we’ll help you with that too.

7. We believe that learning a new language is a life changing experience. Because, believe it or not, it is! Studies show that your brain starts to change when you begin to learn a new language. It creates new connections, it begins to see things in another way, it accepts another reality…Alex Rawlings once said “each language has a different personality”.  By speaking a new language you’ll embrace a new reality and start to walk on a new life path. Let’s go!!

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