Application for Italian for Travellers

Hooray! Thanks for filling out this application.

Even though your adventure abroad may be a while from now, I know it will be here before we even blink…meanwhile, I’ll be more than happy to help you become fluent in Italian

I have a very limited number of places opened.  The earlier you send this application, the better chances you have to get in. Plus, if you can have access to the Early Bird price too.

After receiving your info, I will reply in 1 working day to let you know the next steps. Thank you so, so much! Talk soon!

Applications close on April 24th 2018


Price of Italian for Travellers

The value of this course, including learning material and bonuses is £239 and you get it at 25% off.


£239 –  £179


clockWhen is Italian for Travellers on?  The course is going to be on the following Thursdays from 17:50 to 19:30 (two 45 minutes learning session with a break of 10 minutes) on the following weeks:

26th April,  3rd May,  10th May,  17th May,  24th May, 31st May



Where does Italian for Travellers take place? In Chester. You’ll get the venue’s address once you’ve completed your application process.



I know it’s important to be mindful of every penny you invest, especially if you’re a student. That’s why Italian for Travellers comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If after having your first two learning sessions, you feel that this programme is not a good fit for you, please write to me to get a refund*. There is a firm deadline to ask for a refund, which is before you come to your third learning session. I shall require your full, completed learning sheets, homework and a detailed explanation of what didn’t work for you so I can continue to improve. The reason I ask for your completed coursework is because I know that if you take action on the exercises, you’ll get tremendous value and make progress towards your learning goals.

One final note: please do not apply for this programme just to “check it out” for the first two learning sessions; do apply for it if you really want to learn the language and gain the skills to keep it up. My goal is to give you an outstanding learning experience and I want you to give your best shot too!

*you’ll only be charged 35 pounds for administration purposes