Common Mistakes Italian Learners Make- A playbook

This is a guide + workbook (or rather, a playbook) including some common mistakes Italian learners make. It will guide you to be more aware, mindful and accurate in your speaking and writing so that you can finally stop making the same mistakes.

Some of the topics inside

  • common verbs followed by prepositions
  • vivere in… vs vivere a…
  • Bene vs buono
  • Meglio vs migliore (and peggio vs peggiore)
  • preferire vs piacere
  • vedere vs guardare
  • visitare vs fare visita
  • ascoltare vs sentire
  • Describing weather correctly
  • Perché vs poiché
  • Anche a me vs anche io
  • How to use a causa di
  • How to use invece di
  • Mispronunciations to avoid
  • …and more

What you get

  • A digital workbook with audio lessons in English + written points.
  • Practice activities and exercises
  • Answer key to the exercises
  • Reflection questions (in Italian and English) to help you be a more mindful Italian learner + feel more confident even though you may still get things wrong from time to time!

Release date: 30 July 2021

Price 27.50£

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