Common Mistakes Italian Learners Make- A playbook

Available for purchase till August 10 2021

Price 27.50£

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What’s this Playbook?

This is a guide + workbook (or rather, a playbook) including some common mistakes Italian learners make. It will guide you to be more aware, mindful and accurate in your speaking and writing so that you can finally stop making the same mistakes

What you get

  • A workbook with 18 bite sized lessons about most common mistakes Italian learners make
  • Written lessons + Audio files (mp3) for each lesson to download listen to whenever and wherever you want
  • Related activities and exercises for each lesson
  • Answer key to the exercises
  • Additional resources to learn more about the topics featured
  • Reflection prompts to help you become a more mindful Italian learner and feel more confident, even though you may still get things wrong from time to time