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Being fluent in your favourite language.

Using your Spanish to order the most delicious food in a traditional tapas bar in Seville.

Looking at your favourite Botticelli’s painting in the Uffizi while enjoying an audioguide in Italian.

Creating the memories of a life time whilst strolling the streets of Paris with your Parisian friends.

Living your foreign dream.

You want this all.

And you are in the right place to get it!

The Language Rose is a website dedicated to give you the knowledge,

the tools, and the confidence  to communicate in a new language

and use it to do the things that you have always desired to do.


The Language Rose, just like the wind rose (which is the symbol that summarizes information about the wind directions), symbolizes all the languages I can speak and teach (Italian, English, French, Spanish) and the different life paths that each of these languages can open to you. 

 Hi, My name’s Erminia, but you can call me Ermy!


 I’m your Language Tutor and Coach.

I am a lifelong learner with an artistic soul and a hopeless dreamer.

I am here to help you to learn just what you need to become a confident speaker of  Italian, Spanish or French.

I’d love to hear WHY you want to learn any of these languages. Because your “why” makes all the difference in your learning. And in my teaching.

Get in touch for a FREE consultation on Skype to have a chat about your learning needs or browse through my courses.


Find the perfect language course for you


Through my courses, blog and free advice (which I only share through emails), my goal is to help you to set you on your desired language learning path and  become a successful communicator  so that you can start the fun part fast: conquer your foreign dream!

No more excuses.

It’s time to get on with your learning and create your new life path.


I’m in! Let me get free language learning tips, free flashcards!


Are you all excited to start? Read my blog or join the Language Rose Learning Club where I regularly share learning resources, smart learning strategies, study tips, motivation and inspiration to help you become consistent in your learning and get you ready to pursue your foreign dream.

Because this time you’re going to follow through! PROMISED!