The Italian Conversation Course

A course to finally learn to *speak* Italian with confidence for introverts, creative folks and travellers –in real life and in their imagination! 😉




Do any of these sound like you?

  • “I can understand Italian… but it’s hard for me to speak it! I understand more than what I can say!”
  • “I feel anxious and freeze when I try to speak Italian!”
  • “I’d like to start speaking Italian but I have no one to practice Italian with!”
  • “It’s difficult to remember what I have learned and actually speak Italian!”

You need… The Italian Conversation Course! 🇮🇹

⭐️What is the Italian Conversation Course?

It’s a 7 weeks course that helps introverts, lifelong learners, creative folks, and travellers to learn to *speak* Italian with confidence and have engaging conversations in Italian without any more stress or overwhelm!

⭐️ Signs you definitely need this course…

  • You are tired of just learning Italian and spend very little time to practice speaking it. Maybe, you are also following another Italian course, but you feel that there is not enough time in the course to practice spoken Italian.
  • You feel anxious and/or freeze when starting to speak Italian and you’d like to get over this!
  • You’ve tried languages exchange before but it didn’t work out: you couldn’t manage to have interesting conversation with the other person. You’d rather be having conversation in Italian about things you love with someone that has similar interests and aspirations. In this course you’ll find the right crowd, if you love discussing things like travel, languages and culture, art and any kind of artistic expression, books, films, personal development, etc.
  • You feel you have no one to speak Italian with and you’d like to meet friendly and supportive people who want to speak Italian with you.
  • You sometimes try to speak Italian to yourself or with some learners, but you don’t know if you are making mistakes and would love to get some feedback that will help you become a more accurate speaker.
  • You struggle with keeping the motivation up and need encouragement to keep your Italian learning going.

⭐️ What you get out of this course

🇮🇹 You’ll spend way more time practicing spoken Italian (rather than just learn it passively)

🇮🇹 You’ll learn and apply the strategies I used myself to become a confident speaker of my second language (so you can do the same with Italian)

🇮🇹 You’ll learn to approach a conversation in a new way, without feeling stressed or overwhelemd

🇮🇹 You’ll learn my personal way to keep the conversation going when you get stuck!

🇮🇹 You’ll use and expand your vocabulary to discuss topics you like to communicate and connect with like minded Italian speakers –and enjoy speaking in Italian with them!

🇮🇹 You’ll become a more accurate speaker as you’ll get feedback on your spoken Italian from a professional language coach.

🇮🇹 You’ll get encouragement  and motivation to learn and speak Italian consistently

The Italian Conversation Course will help you get all of the above –and enjoy it!!🥳

⭐️Minimum level

The course is pretty much all in Italian so the minimum level to enjoy this class is lower intermediate/intermediate. If you are familiar with the European Framework of languages, it means you are a full A2 level and/or are working towards any of the B level (B1/B2). Check the description of the levels here to see if you’re the right level.

⭐️ Not sure about your level? Take this quick test!

Look at the conversation starters below.

Tema: libri, film e tempo libero

  • Ti piace di più leggere o guardare un film?
  • Quale libro o film mi consiglieresti?
  • Guardi le serie TV? Qual è la tua preferita?
  • Raccontami di un libro o una serie TV che hai visto recentemente! Di cosa parla la storia? Che tipo di film è?
  • Guarderai un film stasera? Quale?

Can you understand the *majority* of them at the first glance and give a simple and short answer (using what you know and without using a translator, obviously)? If yes, this class is the right level for you.

However, if you don’t understand at first glance the questions or you don’t know how to give a short answer to any of the questions below, it means this class is not the right fit for your level yet.

⭐️ When and where is this class?

The class will be on Zoom every Wednesday from 5pm to 6pm (London time) for 7 weeks, starting on Wednesday 16th February.  You can convert the time in your time zone here

🎊🇮🇹🎊 Wins from previous participants

“This course gives you confidence. An hour of conversation per week was about right; it passed really fast, but it was great fun, albeit hard work. I enjoyed the whole experience!” – Ann S.

“Ermy’s conversation class is excellent. It helps to build my confidence because, although some others are much better speakers than me, I can see that we are all finding our way and everyone is supportive. I do prepare something each week – which is good for learning vocabulary and reinforcing my grammar, but then I do not read it out, I just try to remember some of it when I speak. I find that words come better when I am trying to tell someone something I am interested in conveying. It also helps me be more relaxed knowing I am talking to people who are also learning and are not experts.” Brenda H.

🎊🇮🇹🎊 Wins from previous participant

 “I have thoroughly enjoyed “meeting” other learners, and feel I have made a lot of progress.” –Veronica M. 

“I really look forward to the conversation class each week and the questions Ermy sends us are very helpful!” — Judith D.

⭐️ Who teaches this course?

I’m Ermy Pedata. I’m Italian, from Naples, I live in the Uk and I’ve been teaching Italian to people from all around the world since 2010. I’m a qualified teacher (I’ve listed all my qualifications right here, if you wish to learn more) but I believe that what really “qualifies” me to help you learn to speak a foreign is that I’ve been through this journey multiple times myself. 

I’ve gone from not being able to say a word in English (as too shy and scared of making mistakes) to doing presentations in this language. I’ve learned to speak Spanish by making Spanish friends at my local dance class and dared to ask random questions to people on the street in Paris just for the sake of practicing to speak French. Now, I’m currently learning my 4th language, Japanese, and enjoying this new journey.

In the process of learning my foreign languages I’ve discovered that no matter how much you learn about a language (words, phrases or grammar), if you don’t use what you learn in conversation, you’ll never get to speak that language. That’s why I created the Italian Conversation Course — to help Italian lovers enjoy the freedom of speaking Italian and have fun together!

⭐️ How the Italian Conversation Course works

  • Each week you get an email a few days before the class including the conversation theme and study material for that week.
  • You’ll be sent the study material and the conversation activities a few days before the class. Prepare your answers or just improvise on the day. Whatever suits you! 🙂
  • The group class is on Zoom and is pretty much all conversation. It’s your time to shine and gain confidence in speaking Italian!
  • We kick off the class singing all together the Italian Song of the Week. That’s your Italian speaking warm up!
  • After the song, there will be a short Q&A. Ask questions or get clarification about anything related to the weekly conversation activities.
  • Then, you’ll be split into groups of 3/4 people and start the discussion in Zoom breakout rooms for about 15 minutes. I’ll be moving around break-out rooms to listen, help and encourage everyone! 🙂
  • After the discussion, it’s feedback time: I’ll be giving group feedback based on the conversations I’ve heard in the breakout rooms.
  • Then, you’ll be split again into new groups for a new discussion — bearing in mind the feedback this time. 
  • Finally, we’ll come back to the main session for any final questions and thoughts.
  • Throughout the course you can email me at any time with any questions you may have.
  • If you’ve opted for the VIP option you’ll also get one to one feedback and personalised speaking assignments.

⭐️La settimana del coraggio (a new 2022 addition!)

Week 4 of this course is “La settimana del coraggio” which means… Courage Week! 

During this week everyone on the course will be challenged to do something courageous with their Italian to help them build their confidence. 

Some things like: initiate a conversation in italian with someone they don’t know (either online or in real life), do a tiny presentation in Italian, organise their own mini-italian speaking meet up and speak, speak, speak… Italian, of course! Everyone can choose what to so but the point is to do something brave altogether and unleash the power of community to build our speaking confidence!!

Enrolment closes on 14 February, 12pm (London)

🎊🇮🇹🎊Wins from previous participants 

“Before taking this class I was worried about time commitment not for the class itself but for the preparation. I was thinking, “What if everyone is better than me & I hold up the class”. However, I knew Ermy would help me and be encouraging so I joined. The course was fun, it got me talking and if I wanted but just listen…it all helped with confidence. During a session, I suddenly realised that although we may not be keeping to the questions, we were ‘chatting’… in Italian! And the most enjoyable part was meeting and speaking to lovely ladies from all over the world” — Sarah Simpkins

⭐️What topics do we discuss?

The Italian Conversation Course is for introverts, creative folks, art lovers, travellers, book worms, passionate lifelong learners… so expect to discuss topics related to these themes:

  • Travel and culture: From the places you have recently visited to the places that you wish to visit soon, to exciting, striking or weird cultural stuff, to museums, monuments and art galleries you have visited and never forgotten…
  • Anything related to the Arts: from music, to books that moved you, to figurative arts, to films you watched a thousand times, to creative and artistic things you love doing…
  • Lifelong Learning: from anything you love learning (including languages), to personal development, to mindfulness, to yoga and exercise, to your last Italian class…
  • Daily life, recreation and fun: from things you love doing in your daily life, to things you’d like to do soon, to your real job, to your ideal job, to your “daily adventures” with your closest friends…

We do not discuss topics such as politics, current affairs, news, religion and any topics that can divide, trigger or upset people. The aim of this class is to become a fun part of your day where you can come, discuss and share things that bring you joy.


  • You’ve already studied Italian and mastered the basics. 
  • You have a lower intermediate/intermediate level of Italian (see “level section” above to learn whether this class is the right level for you)
  • You are already taking an Italian class or course but you need more speaking practice
  • You want Italian conversation practice with like minded people
  • You like talking about travel, art, culture, languages, books, films, self expression and topics related to personal development.
  • You are a sociable introvert and you like getting to know new, like minded people.
  • You have a good sense of humor.
  • You have a collaborative spirit and love being of help, when needed.
  • You like singing under the shower – or when no one is listening! 😉


  • You have only recently started to study Italian and have not mastered the basics yet
  • You think you can wing this class by using a translator throughout all the sessions. This won’t help you improve nor will help others!
  • You don’t like meeting new people and would rather spend time learning language on your own without speaking to anyone else (best of luck with that!).
  • You’d rather discuss current affairs, breaking news, religion and/or politics.
  • You have zero sense of humor 
  • You hate music and songs and would never try to sing a song in Italian
  • You think that in order to become a confident Italian speaker you must only speak to native speakers (this is so not true and the sooner you realise this, the sooner you’ll start to actually speak Italian and make progress!)

🎊🇮🇹🎊 More wins from previous participants 

“Before taking this class I was a little nervous to talk to a new group and wondered if I was up to their level but I love trying to speak the language when I’m in Italy so thought it would be good practice. The course was great fun. Gave me a lot of more confidence –it was ok to get it wrong…then learn from each other! What I enjoyed most was making conversation –on the back of the starter questions! Then,trying to make ourselves understood, learning new words, putting all that we have learned into practice. The Italian Conversation course is a great idea as a top up on a full course and it’s less grammar focused… It was a lot of fun and great to practice all that I’ve learnt. Also, these lessons have begun to bear fruit. I was so proud that I could speak to an Italian over the phone the other day!” Jacqui Greenwood

“Italian conversation was what I needed the most so this course was perfect. After this class I felt Improved in confidence when speaking Italian.  I tried as much as I could to speak without having prepared anything apart from a few key words.  The part I enjoyed the most were the small group conversations” — Joanne G.

Ready to join the Italian Conversation Course?




⭐️ F.A.Q.

  • What happens after you enroll?” Once you pay and complete your enrollment you’ll receive a confirmation email from me + a little thank you surprise!
  • “How many people are there in each class?” Last class was made up of 15 people, however the conversation activities happened in groups of 3-4 people. I supervise each group to make sure everyone gets all the support and encouragement they need.
  • “Is this course entirely in Italian?” Yes, pretty much! When you enter the zoom class of this course you enter an “Italian only area”. We speak to each other in Italian only, except for explaining more difficult / tricky grammar points (in which case the explanations will be given in English). We always aim for an Italian only class!
  • “What’s the difference between the Standard and VIP option?” The VIP option includes individual speaking assignments and unlimited, one to one feedback just for you, plus other goodies that are not listed in the Standard option. You can choose the VIP option if you wish to have more speaking practice and get plenty of feedback to improve. See the section  “what’s included” for the full list of features of each option.
  • “I’d like to enrol but the date and time of this course don’t work for me. Will it be offered again this year or next year?“ I intend to offer this class again but no dates have been set yet. I encourage you to come for this round because…why wait?
  • “What other payment methods do you accept?” I accept cards, paypal and also bank transfer from UK (please write to me at to get my bank details).
  • “What if I miss a class?” No worries, you won’t be left behind and you still get the study material for that week and class recordings. I also provide recordings of each class and I also encourage the participants to meet up outside the class and get more speaking practice.]
  • “I have another question that is not listed here.” Please email me at and I’ll be happy to help