The Conversation Cure

Testimonial of learning with Ermy

The confidence and knowledge I have gained in such a short time is down to the tutoring skills and organised approach of Ermy. Communicating with a native speaker was a great advantage, but the enthusiastic and bubbly personality of Ermy was the key ingredient in building my speaking confidence. Mille grazie, Ermy GRAHAM COTTS

Have you ever thought any of the following things?

I find speaking Italian and finding the right words on the spot very difficult”

“I have a fair bit of knowledge in Italian but I can’t seem to access it easily to be able to speak to people

” I just want to become more confident in speaking Italian”

If so, I have something that can help you.

The Conversation Cure

The Conversation Cure is a 30 days fluency programme that helps you to develop your fluency and confidence in speaking Italian.


For 30 days you’ll have a language coach (me!) and a learning programme to follow which will require you to dedicate a minimum of 30 minutes per day to your Italian through learning and speaking activities designed to develop your confidence and fluency in Italian.

Here’s what we do step by step:

  • Step 1 Create your learning plan – we create and agree a 30 days learning programme (including vocabulary and grammar topics to explore) and set your learning goals.
  • Step 2Carry out the speaking activities and attend your one to one learning sessions – you’ll follow the learning programme for 30 days by carrying out all the speaking activities assigned. You’ll also show up at learning sessions and conversation classes to work on your language skills one to one with me.
  • Step 3Get feedback – you’ll receive my feedback on your completed speaking tasks.
  • Step 4Review, improve and keep going! – we’ll monitor and review your progress throughout the 30 days and at the end of the programme.

Where does the Conversation Cure takes place?

It happens all online on Skype or Zoom. So you can follow your learning sessions and conversation classes from the comfort of your home!

What does the Conversation Cure include?

  • A Discovery Session to design your learning programme and set your goals
  • A 30 days learning programme designed just for you aimed to build up your speaking confidence
  • Up to 20 speaking activities to do in your own time throughout the duration of the programme. These speaking activities will require you to record yourself talking about a variety of topics (agreed together!) to build your speaking skills and fluency
  • 10 detailed pieces of feedback on 10 recordings of your speaking activities that will help you improve improve your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and fluency level.
  • 4 learning sessions of 50 minutes all tailor made for you to explore in depth either grammar or vocabulary topics of your choice
  • Learning sheets with the vocabulary and grammar you’ll learn for each learning session
  • 4 one to one conversation classes of 20 minutes each
  • 1 Italian Pronunciation training session. In this session I’ll show you how to improve your accent and sound more Italian when you speak!
  • Support via email throughout the whole duration of the course, because I know that questions will pop up in your mind after our learning session, so I’ll be there to help you.
  • BONUS 1: Life time access to my online class on Quizlet (and its future updates) to learn and memorise new vocabulary
  • BONUS 2: Option to record all the learning sessions and conversation classes keep them with you for future reference

There is only a very limited numbers of spots available for this programme, so if you feel that this the right programme for you, click on the button below to apply now!

Testimonial for learning with Ermy

“The short time we have spent together you have given me lots of confidence and for that I thank you very much.” – JOHN CRADDOCK 


  • You have at least a lower intermediate level of Italian
  • You want to become a more confident speaker of Italian
  • You are keen to learn as much as you can and love intensive courses
  • You particularly want to improve your spoken Italian, but also need some grammar and vocabulary practice.
  • You want to improve your pronunciation and intonation in Italian
  • You are committed to bring your Italian to the next level
  • You have excellent sense of humour!


  • You are just starting learning Italian or you are a beginner
  • You are a confident speaker of Italian already and would just like conversation practice (have a look right here if that’s the case)
  • You would like a course that focus on other skills too such as writing
  • You cannot commit to bring your Italian to the next level and would like to study/practise it only once in a while
  • You have zero sense of humour


The value of the conversation cure, which includes all the learning sessions, conversation classes, learning activities and bonuses listed above (see section “What Does The Conversation Cure Include?”) is over £749. However, if you book right now, your investment will be £549 when you pay in full.

A payment plan is also available. You can pay a first instalment of £349 (due at the time of enrolling) and a second instalment of £219 (due by day 15).

The spots for this programme are very limited as it’s an intensive programme and you’ll have all my attention over the 30 days of the Conversation Cure. The 30 days run from a date of your choice.


I know it is important to be mindful of every penny you invest, especially if you’re investing it in yourself and your personal development. That’s why this programme comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you purchase the Conversation Cure and by day 15, you feel that this programme is not a good fit for you, please write to me to get a refund*. There is a firm deadline to ask for a refund, which is before day 15. I shall require your full, completed learning sheets, homework and a detailed explanation of what didn’t work for you so I can continue to improve. The reason I ask for your completed coursework is because I know that if you take action on the activities we’ll be doing, you’ll get tremendous value and make progress towards your learning goals. 

*You’ll only be charged for the part of the programme you’ve taken


“Will this programme make me fluent?”

You need to define what fluent means to you, first. However, what I can say for sure is that, if you put in the work, you’ll definitely see that your level of fluency and confidence in using the language will go up by the end of the programme.

“What level do I need to be to join the conversation cure”

The minimum level to join is a lower intermediate level (A2). However, if you are looking to learn Italian from scratch have a look at this programme right here

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept card as well as bank transfer.

What happens after I click on Apply Now?

You’ll find the link to book your Free Discovery session. During the discovery session, we’ll get to know each other and we’ll discuss if this programme is the right fit for you. We’ll also draft your learning programme, agree your learning goals and your starting date.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?”

Please write to Ermy at