Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers

Ever had a case of stuck tongue + sweaty armpits when starting a conversation in Italian?

You’re sitting in a nice Italian restaurant in the main piazza, enjoying the sunshine.

You scan through the Italian menu to find your favourite pasta dish.

The restaurant where you’re sitting is full cheerful and loud Italian people enjoying their lunch break. “It must be a good one -not a tourist place!” you think.

One little drawback, though: you realise that the staff doesn’t really speak English.

italian conversation guide

Now, You want to attract the waiter attention but…how do you say “excuse me’ in Italian?

You get your phone out. Type it “Excuse me, I’d like spaghetti carbonara, please!” in Google translator.

You get the waiter’s attention. You read the translated Italian sentence to him -as clearly as you can! and…

The waiter looks at you completely puzzled!

“Scusi?” he asks.

OOPS!! You must’ve said something wrong.

Plan B: you show the waiter the screen of your phone and point at the sentence you wanted to pronounce, and then point at the food you want on the menú.

A feeling of embarassment dawns upon you.

If only you had learned some Italian earlier prior to your trip!

But last time you tried to attend a course your boss kept you late at work a few times and you had to miss quite a lot!

Also, last language class you went to didn’t really work for you. They taught stuff that wasn’t related to what you want to learn (aka travelling!).

Or you’ve realised you’re an independent learner who thrives when learning on her own. You want to be the one who decides what to learn and when (rather than be told so by some random teacher!).

Either way, you really want to learn Italian. And actually speak it. Because you really want to enjoy your trip to Italy.

Connect to Italian people.

Be part of their world.

And I really want to help make your trip to Italy the best ever.

I created something for you that can help you speak the Italian you actually need for your next trip to Italy!

Something that will help you learn the Italian you truly need on your own terms (when you want and where you want!).


The Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers consists of vocabulary flashcards online and a workbook with 12 different travelling scenarios with related conversations, plus exercises that help you practise the vocabulary you need for those conversations and become a confident speaker of Italian.

What does the Italian Conversation Guide For Travellers include?



65 Sets of Italian Flashcards online. These are Italian/ English flashcards (on one side there is the Italian phrase and on the other the the other you’ll find English translation) and feature all the essential Italian vocabulary (words, phrases as well as sentences) you’ll need for your next trip to Italy and create your conversation scripts in the workbook. These are visual and audio flashcards  (so you can work on your pronunciation too). I’ve created these flashcards myself and they are hosted on Quizlet, one of the most fun platforms online to learn with flashcards. You can access to these flashcards anytime and anywhere, from your laptop, tablet or phone.


conversation-guideConversation Workbook This is a workbook with 12 learning sheets featuring examples of conversations in different scenarios to help you put into context the vocabulary you’ll be learning and help create your own conversation scripts to get you speaking ASAP!









“How to use Quizlet” Guide – Not sure how to use the flashcards Quizlet? FEAR NOT! This easy little guide will show you how. Plus, it will give you some tips to make the most out of your online flashcards!

worksheetEssential Italian Grammar Guide. A comprehensive (and overwhelm-free) list of all grammar you need to know with explanations and free websites where you can practise it!

balloonLanguage exchange  finder – a little guide to find a perfect Italian exchange partner to practise with and turn those conversation scripts you’ll create into a real conversation. Because the only way to learn a language is to speak it!




Once you purchase the Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers you get lifetime access. It means you get free access to any updates or addition! YAY!

You can get Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers at a discounted price right now.

I wanted to make this a very easy decision for you. That’s why I’ve priced Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers  at a price point that’s pretty much like a nice meal out or a cute dress from Zara.


£ 44.90  £24.90


Testimonial for Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers

” The Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers is very helpful for anticipating typical conversations in several places where tourists will likely practice their Italian: restaurants, bars, hotels, souvenir shops, museums, asking for directions on the street, etc. I love how the conversations also have a checklist for vocabulary topics to review and grammar points to remember.  If I were planning a trip to Italy a few weeks or months from now, I would certainly use this checklist to help me focus on what needs brushing up before getting on the plane.” – JONATHAN HUGGINS (

Who created the Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers?

Hi, my name’s Erminia Pedata, but you can call me Ermy. I created the Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers.

I’m a qualified language coach and Italian native speaker.  When I first moved to England, my English fluency was fairly limited, so I used to prepare little conversation scripts for myself to effectively communicate in some daily conversational scenarios, such as asking for something specific in a shop or going at the doctor’s. Creating these little conversation scripts helped me build my confidence in speaking English. The Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers stems from this idea. It’s the perfect resource for those Italian learners eager to travel to Italy who would like to learn independently the Italian they actually need to enjoy their trip abroad and also build their confidence in speaking.


Are you one of those people who love tasting the cake before buying it?

I don’t blame ya! I’m the same (especially if it’s chocolate cake)!


(and then hurry back to buy it because this price won’t stay the same forever!)


£ 44.90  £24.90


The Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers is for you if…

  • You’re an independent learner who loves learning languages on your own (you just need a little bit of structure + right tools)
  • You’d like to learn Italian for your next trip to Italy without needing to attending a language course (because you don’t have time!)
  • You’re a beginner who is just starting learning Italian
  • You’re are a more advanced learner who would like to learn more vocabulary related to travelling to get well prepared for your next trip to Italy
  • You love translation as a way to learn a language (there are lots of translation activities in there!)
  • You love using flashcards as a way to study languages
  • You’re always on your phone but would rather spend your time learning languages rather than on some social media platform (this will give you an extra kick in your but to get some learning done!)!

The Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers is NOT for you if…

  • You’d rather learn Italian with a teacher or other people. In this case, have a look here
  • You’re looking for an Italian language course rather than a tool to build and develop your vocabulary. If so, have a look here.
  • You really want to gain an in depth approach on how Italian grammar works (this conversation guide is to acquire mainly vocabulary)
  • You hate flashcards
  • You hate translation as a way to learn a language
  • You hate using your phone as a tool to learn languages
  • You can’t be bothered to download a free app like Quizlet on your phone to use the flashcards included in the guide.
  • You’ve used Quizlet in the past and didn’t like it.
  • You eat pizza with pineapple ! 😛  (just kiddin’!)

Are you ready to start learning Italian straightaway on your own terms (any time and anywhere!)?


£ 44.90  £24.90

Testimonial for learning with Ermy

“Ermy’s resources have brought out my “learning superpowers”! The inputs to learn solo helped me a lot. I could learn Italian faster thanks to the flashcards on Quizlet which featured high frequency words, so they were of great help to read Italian as well as understand daily conversational Italian.” SRINIVAS RAO


What kind of topics does the Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers cover?

All the topics that are related to holidays and travelling around Italy. Below is a list of some topics covered. Bear in mind that this list is constantly evolving and once you purchase the Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers you get free access to all future updated versions too. YAY!

Food & ordering at a restaurant
Booking tickets
Visiting cities, exploring and travelling
Buying gifts and shopping
Numbers, quantities, prices, time
Main regular verbs
Main irregular verbs
Staying in a hotel
…& so much more


£ 44.90  £24.90


Have you got any questions? doubts? Check out the F.A.Q. below and if you still can’t find an answer, send me an email at



1.”What kind of online flashcards are these in the Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers?”

They are online flashcards on Quizlet. Quizlet is an app you can download on your phone (for free!) so you can play with your flashcards, learn and have fun at the same time (which aid memorisation). Plus,you can see the word, but also hear the words. Get a free sample of these flashcards right here (you’ll be sent them to your email along with the instructions to access them).

2. “What if I don’t know how to use Quizlet?”

I’ve got you covered. Along with the flashcards, you’ll also get an easy step by step guide that will set you up to use Quizlet like pro + give you some tips to get the most out of your flashcards.

3.”Wait! Vocabulary is great, but what about grammar?”
I’ve got you covered too! You’ll also get as a complementary bonus the Italian for Travellers Grammar Guide that features all the essential grammar topics you need to know, and a list of the best websites online where you can find free resources to learn and practice them.

4.”How can I pay?”

By card. All transactions are handled via Paypal, one of the most reliable and secure platforms to handle payments online.

5.”What happens after I click “buy now”?”

You’ll be asked for your details and once you complete the transactions, you’ll be send to a page where you can insert your name and email in order to have access to your Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers. If you don’t get the email with all the instructions and the Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers after 24h, please contact me at

6. “If I don’t like the Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers can you refund me?”

Due to the digital nature of the product refunds are not possible. However, you’re more than welcome to try the flashcards before purchasing them, and you can get a free sample of these flashcards right here (you’ll be sent them to your email along with the instructions to access them).

7. “I have a question that is not answered here. Where can I find you?”

Shoot me an email at I’ll get back to you asap! 😀

8. Can I try the ” Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers” before buying it?

Sure. Get a free sample of the flashcards you’ll find in Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers right here (you’ll be sent them to your email along with the instructions to access them).

9. English is not my native language. Would the Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers” work for me?

As long as you’re proficient in English, yes! I learned French through English and it worked for me as I already knew English. In a way, it would be even better for you as you’d be practising two foreign languages at the same time! HOw amazing is that!

10. I saw some of the flashcards you included in the Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers in your free class on Quizlet “Italiano per Tutti”. Are these the same flashcards?

No. The ones available in my free class are a sample for you to try them out and see what they are like.

11. How much is Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers?

The value of Italian Conversation Guide for Travellers including all bonuses is over 40£! However, you get it today for one easy payment of 24.90£. It’s pretty much £0.40  per flashcard set (Yes!Really!) and each set includes an average of 15 flashcards!And you get the Conversation workbook and all bonus materials for free! Grab it now because the price is going to go up after 31 August!


£ 44.90  £24.90