Italian from Zero to… Travel!

A one to one Italian language programme for enthusiastic travellers who wants to get their Italian from zero to… travel in 60 days or less!

Testimonial of learning with Ermy

“I have been on an Italian learners course at a college before but learnt so much more with Ermy. SUE HAYGARTH

You want to learn Italian.

You’ve been thinking about it for a while.

You have been dabbling on Duolingo, you even like it, however you can hardly string a sentence together.

The truth is you’d like to grasp the basics of the Italian language in a short time and get to speak it as soon as possible.

So you can finally get to the fun part. Travelling to Italy and speak to Italians.

If so, I have something that can help you.


“Italian From Zero to … Travel” is a one to one Italian language programme which will help you learn the Italian you actually need to know to speak Italian with confidence on your next trip to Italy in either 30 days (intensive option) or 60 days (normal pace).

From Zero to Italian is especially for you if…


“I had to give up my language course as I couldn’t commit going every week and I felt left behind after I skipped a class or two. Plus, self guided study wasn’t working either because I needed accountability.”


“I want to learn a language to be able to use it day to day to communicate with people rather than write an essay and speak like I’m reading a book.”


I have been watching lessons online but I am not getting to retain what is learnt. It’s hard for me to structure simple sentences in Italian!

If you resonate with any (or all!) of the statements above, take a deep breath because you’re in the right place to find the solution to your problem.


“Italian From Zero to Travel” is designed to equip you with the basics of the Italian language in 60 days or less.

Here is how we’ll roll:

STEP 1: YOU GET YOUR LEARNING PLAN – A detailed plan of the topics you’ll be learning over the next 60 days.

STEP 2: LEARN – Every week you’ll receive an email with the learning activities to carry out (including listening, reading, video lessons and vocabulary) that the vocabulary and grammar you need to speak Italian within a travelling setting.

STEP 3: PRACTICE SPEAKING – We meet up for a conversation session to practice your speaking, clarify any point you’re not sure about and answer any questions you might have.


Erminia Pedata, aka “Ermy”, is a language coach (certified by Efficient Language Coaching and accredited by the International Coaching Federation) who helps lifelong learners with a free spirit learn the language they love and travel the world.

Born in the Italian city of Naples, Ermy speaks English, Spanish and French in addition to her native tongues, Italian and Neapolitan. She has been helping dozens of other learners all around the world to unleash their truest learning potential and become fluent in these languages too.

She’s been featured on a variety of language learning websites including: Parrot Time, Huggins International, The Joy of Languages and, the world’s most popular language learning blog, Fluent in 3 Months.

Currently Ermy lives in the pretty city of Chester in the UK and, she often travels back to Italy to visit her family when she’s not busy travelling somewhere else or dancing salsa! By the way, this Ermy writing in the third person! I sound so important, right?  If you want to know more about me check my about page out right here!

Where does ITALIAN FROM ZERO TO… TRAVEL take place?

It happens all online on Zoom. So you can follow your learning sessions from the comfort of your home!

What does “ITALIAN FROM ZERO TO… TRAVEL” include?

  • A Discovery Session to find out your learning needs and styles and create a language learning routine to help you make the most out of this programme
  • A learning programme  to help you learn the Italian you actually need to know to speak Italian with confidence on your next trip to Italy.
  • Self study activities to learn just the Italian you need through listening, reading, writing and video lessons.
  • Learning sheets with the grammar and vocabulary you’ll be studying
  • Up to 8 conversation sessions of about half an hour to practice your speaking, clarify any point you’re not sure about and also answer any questions you might have.
  • Support via email throughout the whole duration of the course, because I know that questions will pop up in your mind after our learning session, so I’ll be there to help you.
  • BONUS 1: Life time access to my online class on Quizlet (and its future updates) that will help you learn and memorise vocabulary.
  • BONUS 2: Option to record all the learning sessions and keep them with you for future reference

There is only a very limited numbers of spots available for this programme, so if you feel that this the right programme for you, click on the button below to apply now!

Testimonial for learning with Ermy

Two months ago I knew very little Italian, but now I am ready for my first visit to Italy. The confidence and knowledge I have gained in such a short time is down to the tutoring skills and organised approach of Ermy. GRAHAM COTTS


  • You have no knowledge (or very little knowledge) of Italian and want to reach a basic speaking level of this language (which is A1+/ A2 level according to the Common European Framework of Languages)
  • You love travelling to Italy for holiday and would like to feel confident to speak basic Italian once there
  • You want to acquire basic grammar and vocabulary of Italian language
  • You’re willing to get out of your comfort zone in order to practise speaking Italian
  • You don’t mind role-playing as a way to practise the language
  • You want a structured way to learn essential Italian vocabulary and grammar
  • You learn better one to one and want all teacher’s attention for you!
  • You want accountability to be consistent with your learning
  • You’re willing to put in between 2-4 hours per week to learn Italian.


  • You have already a basic level of Italian (which is A1 or A2 level according to the Common European Framework of Languages)
  • You prefer learning in groups, together with other people like in this course
  • You’re not willing to get out of your comfort zone in order to practise speaking Italian.
  • You are not willing to learn and carry out the learning activities before having speaking practice
  • You don’t like roleplaying as a way of learning.
  • You’re not willing to put in at least 2 hours per week to learn Italian.
  • You don’t like using Zoom or learning online and are not open to even try it
  • You like eating pizza with pineapple (Ok, just kiddin’ with this one!) 

So are you ready to apply? Click on the button below!

Praise for working with Ermy

I found Ermy’s patience and courtesy invaluable in the language course and I would have no hesitation in recommending Ermy if starting to learn Italian from scratch.”

HOW MUCH DOES “Italian From Zero to … Travel” COST?

The value of “Italian From Zero to … Travel”, which includes all the learning sessions, learning activities and bonuses listed above (see section “What does “Italian From Zero to … Travel” Include?”) is over £499. However, if you book right now, your investment will be £399 when you pay in full.

A payment plan is also available. You can pay a first instalment of £229 (due at the time of enrolling) and a second instalment of £190 (due either on day 15 for the “intensive” option, or on day 30 for the “normal pace option”).

The spots for this programme are very limited as it’s an intensive programme and you’ll have all my attention over the duration of the programme.


I know it is important to be mindful of every penny you invest, especially if you’re investing it in yourself. That’s why this programme comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you purchase “Italian From Zero to … Travel” and by the end your second week in (day 15), you feel that this programme is not a good fit for you, please write to me to get a refund*. There is a firm deadline to ask for a refund, which is before day 15. I shall require your full, completed learning sheets, homework and a detailed explanation of what didn’t work for you so I can continue to improve. The reason I ask for your completed coursework is because I know that if you take action on the activities we’ll be doing, you’ll get tremendous value and make progress towards your learning goals. 

*You’ll only be charged for the part of the programme you’ve taken

SO,WHY SHOULD YOU APPLY FOR Italian From Zero to … Travel RIGHT NOW?

Well…why not? Seriously! If you are waiting for “the right time”, or for “when you finally have time”, let me tell ya, that time will never come, unless you finally make that happen!

If you have been thinking about learning Italian for a while, but never got serious about it, this is your opportunity to make a decision that will finally bring you the satisfaction of being able to speak the language you love, or… you can just click on your social media tab, forget about it and wait for another week, month or year until you remember again “OOH! I wish I could speak Italian!” … well, guess what, you’ll be able to speak Italian in 60 days or less, if you start now. Are you ready to make that wish come true? Apply now! 🙂

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Testimonial for learning with Ermy

I loved my Italian lessons with Ermy! She talked to me to get a feel for how much Italian I already knew (not much) and tailored the lessons to cover the things I wanted to know and fill in gaps so I can have conversations with real Italians. She is very helpful and responsive.– CARINA LOCKWOOD


“Is this programme for beginners or with people with little knowledge of Italian?”


“Will this programme teach me conversational Italian?”

Yes. The main topics of conversation will be about travelling and holidays as this is a language programme for enthusiastic travellers. However, the grammar and the vocabulary taught can be easily applied to other conversation contexts too.

“Is this programme for intermediate learners?”

No. This programme is designed to help beginners to get the basics of the Italian language.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept card as well as bank transfer. Card payment are processed through Stripe, a very secure only platform for payment. I can accept payments through Paypal.

What happens after I click on Apply Now?

You’ll find the link to book your Free Discovery session. During the discovery session, we’ll get to know each other and we’ll discuss if this programme is the right fit for you. I’ll also help you create a learning routine to make the most out of this programme and we’ll agree on your starting date.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?”

Please write to Ermy at