Italian Pronunciation Mini-course – Speak Italian like a boss!

Italian pronunciation mini-course - how to sound more Italian


How do you pronounce “gli” in Italian?

When will you manage to roll your “r” properly?

How can you pronounce double consonant in Italian? What’s the difference between “anno” and “ano”?

It can be quite embarrassing to pronounce some Italian words wrong!

Plus, you want to be understood by your Italian friends or relatives when you speak…or how can you actually connect with them?

Well, just give me 90 minutes of your time and I’ll help you get a beautiful Italian pronunciation with… the Italian Pronunciation Mini Course!

What’s the Italian pronunciation mini course?

The Italian Pronunciation Mini-Course is a fun, self paced mini-course that will help you master the sounds of the Italian language (including tricky ones), improve your intonation and sound more… Italian!

My Italian Pronunciation Mini-Course will help you:

  • Sound more natural and confident when speaking or reading in Italian
  • Feel less self conscious when pronouncing challenging Italian sounds (like “r”, double letters, “gli” and many others)
  • Learn fun strategies to practise Italian pronunciation, such as songs, tongue twisters and more
  • Get feedback (from me) on your pronunciation to improve it even further

It’s for you who is learning to *speak* my language and wants to fully connect with the Italian world.


⭐ 90 minutes of pre-recorded video material to learn virtually all the sounds of Italian language

⭐ A variety of fun activities to practice what you’ve learned in the course

⭐ 20 tongue twisters (written + audio) read by me to practice key Italian sounds or …challenge your Italian study buddy!

⭐ A list of lovely Italian songs that are just perfect to practice your pronunciation…or to have fun singing in the shower!

⭐ Audio stories to listen to and read along to practice your intonation.

⭐A dictation/listening exercise to learn to recognise different sounds

Are you ready to get a beautiful Italian pronunciation? Start now with this mini course!

Mini course price £ 49

What students said about Italian Pronunciation Mini-Course

This is a very detailed mini course. I finally managed to understand how to pronounce double letters in Italian and I found out the pronunciation of different letter combinations I wasn’t even aware of. Also, the tongue twisters were so much fun! Donna Robertson 

This Italian pronunciation mini-course is excellent!Brenda H.

Questions? Check the F.A.Q. below!

Is this mini course for any level?

Yes. It’s for anyone who wants to improve their pronunciation in Italian, read it and speak it clearly.

How do I purchase this?

Click on the button “Join now” above, you’ll be able to pay by Paypal or credit/debit card. After you pay, the mini-course will be delivered to your mailbox within 48h.

Is this course available immediately?

Yes!Once you purchase the mini-course you’ll receive it through email and you can start learning immediately.

Do you accept only card payment?

Nom I also accept bank transfer from UK accounts. You can email me to ask to pay with a bank transfer.

What’s your refund policy?

This is a digital product, so sales are final and refund aren’t available. Thanks for respecting this policy.

I have another question, who can I write to?

Write to me, Ermy, at . I’ll be happy to help!!