Italian Thursday in Chester and Online


However, I organise regular online meet ups for Italian learners (free + paid ones).

Make sure you’re signed up to the Language Rose Learning Club right here so I can let you know when it’s available again .

Let’s speak Italiano over a cup of coffee!

Every third Thursday of the month is Italian Thursday.

We meet up online on Zoom to talk about travel, art, fun cultural curiosities and more. All in Italian!

Testimonial for Italian Thursday

“Italian Thursday is an opportunity to practice Italian with a purpose. I like the idea of speaking about a theme each time. I’ve had great fun with no pressure — just ‘have a go’!”— JOANNE GRIFFITH

This conversation group is for you if:

  • You speak already Italian at A2+ level or above, which means you understand basic conversation about daily topics and can manage to use at least two tenses, such as present with past and/or future even though not correctly all the time. For a full description of the A2 level please have a look at this table.
  • You want to develop your speaking confidence in Italian
  • You are willing to see mistakes as stepping stones towards success. The more mistakes you make, the more you learn ! 
  • You’re willing to meet other people and learn more about them by speaking to them in Italian
  • You have a collaborative spirit. You’re ok with being corrected in case you make a mistake (so you can learn more!) and you are not afraid of correcting other people (in a kind way!)
  • You have excellent sense of humour and don’t take yourself too seriously !

This conversation group is not for you if:

  • You’ve just started learning Italian and know only a few phrases and sentences.
  • You’re looking for a language class or workshop where you can find taught content as well as speaking practice. If so, check this page out!
  • You are not willing to make mistakes and get out of your comfort zone when speaking (but how can you learn something new in this way?).
  • You’re not keen on meeting other people and learn more about them by speaking to them in Italian.
  • You don’t like to collaborate with the others and are not willing to help them improve in their speaking skills
  • You have zero sense of humour and take yourself far too seriously!

This is a free conversation gathering.

If you want to join us, the only thing you need to do is to commit to showing up by clicking on the button below and, of course, be ready to speak Italian! 🙂

Testimonial for Italian Thursday

“An excellent way of trying to converse in Italian. A lovely group of people.” — Mel Davies

Who leads the conversation group Italian Thursday?

Erminia Pedata, aka “Ermy”, is a language coach (certified by Efficient Language Coaching and accredited by the International Coaching Federation) who helps lifelong learners with a free spirit learn the language they love and travel the world.

Born in the Italian city of Naples, Ermy speaks English, Spanish and French in addition to her native tongues, Italian and Neapolitan. She has been helping dozens of other learners all around the world to unleash their truest learning potential and become fluent in these languages too.

She’s been featured on a variety of language learning websites including: Parrot Time, Huggins International, The Joy of Languages and, the world’s most popular language learning blog, Fluent in 3 Months.

Currently Ermy lives in the pretty city of Chester in the UK and, she often travels back to Italy to visit her family when she’s not busy travelling somewhere else or dancing salsa! By the way, this Ermy writing in the third person! I sound so important, right? 🤣 If you want to know more about me check my about page out right here!

The story behind Italian Thursday

Italian Thursday was born as a well-needed alternative for my Italian learners in Chester to have a place to practise Italian outside our language workshops and classes.

Born as a simple bonus conversation class for those who were taking the language course “Italian for Travellers”, Italian Thursday is now a free monthly conversation group that is open to anyone who has already a basic knowledge of Italian and is willing to develop their Italian speaking skills in a relaxed and fun environment where they can experiment with the language without worrying too much about getting their grammar 100% right!

We are not afraid of making mistakes because no one in this group is going to judge you for them. We actually LOVE mistakes and welcome them as learning experiences that help you improve your language skills. If you are keen on improving your Italian speaking skills, we’ll be happy to welcome you in this conversation group!

My aim is to make this group a safe and enjoyable learning environment to help you practice Italian and eventually find a language partner, a friend, a trusted person who you feel comfortable enough to speak Italian with (and learn together in the process!).

Testimonial for Italian Thursday

“Most enjoyable hour! It really helped to speak with others. Everyone seemed very friendly! “— RICHARD ROBERTS

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