Italian Thursday in Chester

Let’s speak Italiano over a cup of coffee!

Every third Thursday of the month is Italian Thursday.

We meet up in Chester’s Storyhouse from 6pm to 7pm to talk about travel, art and fun cultural curiosities in Italian.

Conversation theme for next Thursday (19 SEPTEMBER): food

This conversation group is for you if:

  • You speak already Italian at A2+ level or above (which means  you understand basic conversation  and can manage to use past, present and/or future even though not correctly all the time)
  • You’re want to develop your speaking confidence in Italian
  • You are willing to see mistakes as stepping stones towards success. The more mistakes you make, the more you learn ! 🙂
  • You have sense of humour and don’t take yourself too seriously !

This is a free conversation gathering. If you fancy coming, the only thing you need to do is to commit to showing up by clicking on the button below and, of course, be ready to speak Italian with us! 🙂

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The story behind it…

Italian Thursday was born as a well-needed alternative for my Italian learners in Chester to have a place to practise their Italian outside our language workshops and classes.

Born as a simple bonus conversation class for those who were taking the language course “Italian for Travellers”, Italian Thursday is now a free monthly conversation group that is open to anyone who has already a basic knowledge of Italian and is willing to develop their Italian speaking skills in a relaxed and fun environment where they can experiment with the language without worrying too much about getting their grammar 100% right!

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