Italian for Travellers Online

An Italian language programme for travellers

Speak basic Italian in 6 weeks and enjoy the freedom to travel around Italy!



Imagine yourself entering a cosy bed and breakfast run by a local Italian family; you greet the receptionist in Italian and you actually understand him when he tells you the floor and your room number.

The day after you’re sipping a nice espresso in an elegant café in the main piazza whilst chatting to the barista who has just asked you how your morning has been so far.

Your answer, “Splendido, grazie!”

You can speak Italian. And I am here to help you!

Maybe you’ve been trying to learn Italian already.

You’ve picked up a few words thanks to one or two phrasebooks. Or you’ve used Duolingo for a bit.

However, you’ve realised that…

Language apps don’t always cover what you want to learn and give you the impression to learn but… you can’t really speak the language!

You’d like to learn everyday spoken language rather than speak like a book.

You’ve always found speaking languages most difficult. You’d really like to improve this!

The truth is, you’d like to learn Italian, feel that you are making real progress…and not give up!


Hi, my name’s Erminia Pedata, Ermy for my friends, and as a lifelong learner who has learned four different languages herself, I identify with your learning frustrations very much because I used to be exactly where you are right now.

I’m a qualified language coach and after having taught languages for the past 5 years in a variety of schools I’ve noticed that, although most people love learning a language together, classes with twenty or even thirty students are not really the best environment to learn a language effectively. After hearing from other language students who shared this opinion I wanted to help.

ITALIAN FOR TRAVELLERS is a 6 week Italian language course that will teach you the Italian you actually need to know to speak Italian with confidence on your next trip to Italy !

This course is aimed at five things:

  • Provide you with a basic Italian level that helps you communicate in Italian within a holiday context.
  • Help you learn Italian effectively in small groups so you get the attention you deserve in order to make good progress.
  • Give you the confidence to speak Italian without being afraid of making mistakes.
  • Give you enough conversation practice that’ll help you make the first steps towards your fluency in Italian.
  • Help you set up a language learning routine in your daily life so that you can progress even faster in your learning (and also after the course has finished!).

Here’s how the course works and what it includes:


Video lessons you can follow at your own pace – Every week I’ll release video lessons that cover the weekly grammar and vocabulary topics. You can watch the lessons live or watch the recording later.

Essential Italian vocabulary accessible any time anywhere– you’ll be able to pick up the essential vocabulary you ACTUALLY need in order to deal with common daily situations when travelling around Italy! The vocabulary is all collected in helpful online flashcards that you can access any time, anywhere.


Creative activities to help you retain and practice what you learn- you’ll have fun practising the vocabulary and grammar you have learned in the video lesson with a variety of creative activities to develop your listening, reading and writing skills.

Conversation sessions in mini-groups to make you a confident Italian speaker – After you’ve watched the weekly video lesson and done the reading, listening and writing activities , you’ll be ready for some conversation practice with me and a small group of eight people. There will be different conversation groups happening at different days and times over the week, so you can’t miss this part.


Exclusive learning material – You won’t have to buy any book as you’ll get exclusively designed learning sheets and other study material created by myself with all my love just for you! 🙂


Self study material and “missions” – You’ll be given “missions” to accomplish to help you put into practice your newly gained language skills. What’s a “mission”? It’s an activity that you’ll be required to do in order to build up your fluency (and yes! It involves talking in Italian to actual people!!).


Learn from the comfort of your home – You’ll have your learning sessions from the comfort of your home with a group of friendly people. Permission to eat Italian cookies whilst studying: granted!

BONUS 1 Language coaching mini-course “How to find time to learn a language” – a training for people like you, who are super busy and feel they never have time to learn Italian, even though they really want to! This training will teach you some helpful strategies to find the time to learn the language you love.

BONUS 2 – After-course learning resources– You’ll get learning activities and “missions” to accomplish also after the programme ends.  These activities will help you keep your language up and incorporate your learning into your daily routine to consolidate the knowledge you acquired throughout the course.

BONUS 3 life time access to the online learning material and video lessons (+ future updates)


What are you learning over this six weeks course?

The vocabulary and the grammar covered during this five weeks course will be about travelling and holidaying in Italy. We are going to cover:

Numbers and quantities
Nationalities and countries
Days of the weeks, months of the year
Order in restaurants and cafes
Book tickets and hotels
Places in town
Travelling issues
Asking for directions
Means of transports
…& more

Grammar, pronunciation & more
Alphabet and sounds
Masculine and feminine nouns
Adjectives to describe people, places and objects
Present tense of main regular verbs
Present tense of main irregular verbs
Introduction to Past and Future tenses
…& more


When is Italian for Travellers Online on?  

Get on the waitlist right here to know when Italian for Travellers is starting.


Where is Italian for Travellers Online hosted? 

All the learning material will be accessible online on this website. You’ll be sent the link to access the learning material and watch the weekly video lessons through email. The conversation sessions will be hosted on Zoom (a free app you can easily download). You’ll need a webcam and a microphone to be able to join and participate during the conversation classes.

Praise for working with Ermy

“ Thanks so much for a great four weeks of lessons, I was pleased with my progress and felt happy that I was confident enough to try out my language skills when away!” –REBECCA ALCOCK 


Italian for Travellers is for you if…

  • You have no knowledge (or very little knowledge) of Italian and want to reach a basic speaking level of this language (A1/A2 level).
  • You love travelling to Italy for holiday and would like to feel confident to speak basic Italian once there.
  • You want to acquire basic grammar and vocabulary of Italian language.
  • You’re willing to get out of your comfort zone in order to practise speaking Italian.
  • You don’t mind role-playing and playing games as a way to practise the language.
  • You want a structured way to learn essential Italian vocabulary and grammar.
  • You learn better in small groups and don’t want to sacrifice teacher’s attention that is pretty much split in larger groups (in the conversation classes we have up to 8 learners).
  • You want accountability to be consistent with your learning.
  • You’re committed to take some time to improve and practise your Italian also in your own time by completing the self study activities given (very important!).

This course is not for you if…

  • You have already a basic level of Italian
  • You have very specific learning needs and prefer one to one learning programme like this one.
  • You’re not willing to get out of your comfort zone in order to practise speaking Italian.
  • You think that you can learn by just watching the video lessons and listen passively, without putting any work in your own time.
  • You prefer formal teaching environment to learn, like a school, a university or college.
  • You are not a playful person and have zero sense of humour.
  • You like eating pizza with pineapple (just kiddin’!) 😛

Praise for working with Ermy

I found Ermy’s patience and courtesy invaluable in the language course and I would have no hesitation in recommending Ermy if starting to learn Italian from scratch.” – CHRIS GREENWOOD 

But why join RIGHT now?

Well…the real question is: why not? Seriously! If you are waiting for “the right time”, or for “when you finally have time”to learn Italian, let me tell ya, that time will never come, unless you finally make that happen!

If you have been thinking about learning Italian for a while, but never got serious about it, this is your opportunity to make a decision that will finally bring you the satisfaction of being able to speak the language you love, or… you can just click on your social media tab, forget about it and wait for another week, month or year until you remember again “OOH! I wish I could speak Italian!” … well, guess what, you’ll be able to speak Italian in a month time, if you start now. So make that wish come true and join now! 

Because if you start now,  imagine where you could be in six weeks time with your Italian.

Praise for working with Ermy

“Excellent teaching, every lesson has been very, very enjoyable and I can’t praise Ermy enough. ” – BEN RUSSELL  



I know it’s important to be mindful of every penny you invest, especially if you’re a student. That’s why Italian for Travellers comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If after having your first week of learning, you feel that this programme is not a good fit for you, please write to me to get a refund. There is a firm deadline to ask for a refund, which is before you come to the start of the second week of the course. I shall require your full, completed learning sheets, homework and a detailed explanation of what didn’t work for you so I can continue to improve. The reason I ask for your completed coursework is because I know that if you do the work assigned, you’ll get tremendous value and make progress towards your learning goals.

One final note: please do not join this programme just to “check it out” for the first week; do join it if you really want to learn the language and gain the skills to keep it up. My goal is to give you an outstanding learning experience and I want you to give your best shot at it too!


What happens after you click on “JOIN NOW”?

The device you have in your hands will explode! Kiddin’… At the moment that the enrolment is closed you’ll be asked to join the waitlist. 🙂

How can you pay to secure your place?

You can easily pay by card through Stripe. Stripe is one of the most secure ways to play online. I also accept bank transfer and if you’d like to pay through bank transfer, email me at, so I can send you the instructions.

Who do you need to contact if you have questions?

Ermy (aka me!). Send an email to and I’ll get back to you asap!