Italian for Travellers Online

An Italian language programme for travellers

Learn to speak basic Italian and enjoy the freedom to travel around Italy!


However you can…

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Imagine yourself entering a cosy bed and breakfast run by a local Italian family; you greet the receptionist in Italian and you actually understand him when he tells you the floor and your room number.

The day after you’re sipping a nice espresso in an elegant café in the main piazza whilst chatting to the barista who has just asked you how your morning has been so far.

Your answer, “Splendido, grazie!”

You can speak Italian. And I am here to help you!

Maybe you’ve been trying to learn Italian already.

You’ve picked up a few words thanks to one or two phrasebooks. Or you’ve used Duolingo for a bit.

However, you’ve realised that…

Language apps don’t always cover what you want to learn and give you the impression to learn but… you can’t really speak the language!

You’d like to learn everyday spoken language rather than speak like a book.

You’ve always found speaking languages most difficult. You’d really like to improve this!

The truth is, you’d like to learn Italian, feel that you are making real progress…and not give up!


Hi, my name’s Erminia Pedata, Ermy for my friends, and as a lifelong learner who has learned four different languages herself, I identify with your learning frustrations very much because I used to be exactly where you are right now.

I’m a qualified language coach and after having taught languages for the past 5 years in a variety of schools I’ve noticed that, although most people love learning a language together, classes with twenty or even thirty students are not really the best environment to learn a language effectively. After hearing from other language students who shared this opinion I wanted to help.


However, you can…

Enjoy my free mini-series Get Started with your Italian for travel right here