Language Rose Fun Clubs for Primary Schools

The Language Rose Fun Clubs are language clubs for primary school pupils in years 4, 5 and 6 that aim to spread the love for languages from very early age! We love working with children as they are extremely curious, enthusiastic and naturally good at picking up a new language! Here is what goes on in the Language Rose Fun Clubs.

What do children do in a Language Rose Fun Club?
Children take part in a variety of creative and fun activities such as singing, drama and role-plays, games. All the language explored in the club is also given on fun-sheets to keep for future reference. The topics covered are in line with the government’s requirements expressed in the National Curriculum for Languages. For example, we cover topics such as greeting people, numbers, parts of the body, pets, food likes and dislikes, weather and much more!

Which languages do you offer?

We offer Italian, Spanish, French and also English as a foreign language.

When do the clubs run?
We prefer to run our club on Saturday mornings as everyone is fresh and ready to learn but we can also run clubs after school. Normally, clubs run once a week for 40 minutes and the language offered is agreed with the school. There is usually a minimum requirement of 8 children in order for a club to run.. The maximum number of children is 14 so that everyone can enjoy a nurturing learning experience. However, if there is demand, the club can run a couple of times a week so that nobody misses out. 

How much does a place in the language club cost?

The cost of the club is agreed with each school individually and we only ask you to commit to one half a term at a time.Price are normally very affordable and may vary according to the number of children in the club.

How can I book a place in a Language Rose Fun Club?

Clubs are being setting up directly via the schools, but if you have any questions about booking a place for your child then please feel free to contact Ermy at