Personal Learning Programme

Create your unique language course -see below how!

Languages available: Italian, Spanish, French & English as a foreign language (all levels)

Where:  in Cambridge (UK) or online (via Skype)

Ready to travel and conquer you dreams!

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to learn a language in a packed class and feeling you’re going so slowly (or so quickly!).

Add that to the feeling of falling behind when you skip a lesson (because you had to stay late at work!) or that pit in your stomach that moves in when you are about to speak in front of your other classmates and you can’t find the right word (you forgot it again!)!

You can’t even enjoying the fact that you are actually speaking the language you love as your fear of making mistakes just doesn’t let you – along with the recurring thought that you should be much further ahead by now in your learning.

Yet, you love Italian. You love Spanish. You love French. You love English.

You’ve chosen to learn this language for a reason. A reason that is so dear to you -Yes! That one!

You have a goal, an objective that you deserve to achieve.

You want to speak and communicate in the language you love so that you can access to a new culture and a whole new world of adventures.

And you also want to enjoy learning it all the way through.

That’s what I want to help you to do with the Personal Learning Programme.

The Personal Learning Programme  is a series of one to one personalised language learning sessions created just for you to help you learn either Italian, Spanish, French or English, especially if standardised classroom programmes and methodologies, lack of time or persistence have been preventing you from learning the language you’ve always desired to learn.

This programme is for you if:

  • You are a busy, creative individual who want to learn Italian, Spanish, French or English in a way that is suitable to you and at your own pace.
  • You want to speak confidently the language you love in a natural way  (aka not like a book!)
  • You want to be aware of the cultural aspects that are relevant to the language you’re learning (so that you’ll know how to deal with your foreign best friends!).
  • You want to continue to study the language independently also after you complete the programme by getting language learning strategies that match your strengths.
  • You want to travel and have access to a whole new world and experiences. Because you deserve to make your foreign dream come true! 🙂


Praise for learning with Ermy

I would highly recommend Ermy to learn Spanish, she is very patient and makes learning Spanish feel comfortable as you can have a conversation with her to practice as a friend which makes language flow much easier! She has great resources and doesn’t just stick to one way of learning each lesson which gives a good variety such as listening, music, flash cards and conversational. –ELLEN JEFFREY ( Spanish learner )


More details about this programme will be available very soon and you’ll be able to book the Personal Learning Programme on this page.

Meanwhile, fill in the form below to show your interest! 🙂