Personal Learning Programme

Become fluent in the language you love.

Learn it in a way that works for you by creating your own language course!

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Languages available: Italian, Spanish, French & English as a foreign language (all levels)

Location: Chester (UK) or online (via Skype)

Ready to travel and conquer you dreams!

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to learn a language in a packed class and feeling you’re going so slowly (or so quickly!).

Add that to the feeling of falling behind when you skip a lesson (because you had to stay late at work!) or that pit in your stomach that moves in when you are about to speak in front of your other classmates and you can’t find the right word (you forgot it again!)!

You can’t even enjoying the fact that you are actually speaking the language you love as your fear of making mistakes just doesn’t let you – along with the recurring thought that you should be much further ahead by now in your learning.

Yet, you love Italian. You love Spanish. You love French. You love English.

You have a goal, an objective that you deserve to achieve.

You’ve chosen to learn this language for a reason. A reason that is so dear to you -Yes! That one!

You want to speak and communicate in the language you love so that you can access to a new culture and a whole new world of adventures.

And you also want to enjoy learning it all the way through.

That’s what I want to help you to do with the Personal Learning Programme.


THE PERSONAL LEARNING PROGRAMME is a personalised language learning programme including one to one learning sessions, self guided study activities and practice designed just for you to help you become a confident speaker of Italian, Spanish, French or English, especially if standardised classroom programmes and methodologies, lack of time or persistence have been preventing you from learning the language you’ve always desired to learn.

ermy in seville (1) Hi, my name’s Erminia Pedata, Ermy for my friends (and yes! That’s Seville in the background!). As a language learner who has learned four different languages herself and as an experienced language teacher I identify with your learning frustrations very much because I used to be exactly where you are right now.

After hearing from dozens of language students who struggle with these same issues, I wanted to help. I discovered that most aspiring language learners struggle with one or more of these four core problems.

1. Your lack of time and commitment

“I had to give up my language course as I couldn’t commit going every week and I felt left behind after I skipped a class or two. Plus, self guided study wasn’t working either because I needed accountability.”

2. You need way more speaking practice

“The problem for me is that I can read the language but have trouble speaking it. I have trouble coming up with sentences to say, and in particular remembering verbs. I need way more conversation practice.”

3. You want to learn just what you really need

“I want to learn a language to be able to use it day to day to communicate with people rather than write an essay and speak like I’m reading a book.”

4. You want a language course that caters to your unique learning needs

” I need a language course that is flexible to my learning needs, as learning a language doesn’t seem to come natural to me. I’d love to get to know how the language actually works rather than learn isolated phrases by heart!”

If you resonate with any (or all!) of the statements above, take a deep breath because you’re in the right place to find the solution to your problem.

The Personal Learning Programme will help you learn either Italian, Spanish, French or English in a way that is suitable and relevant to you. So that you can move on to the fun part: having the time of your life on your next trip abroad.

Because I want you to have a trip abroad where you’re no longer a tourist but a keen and confident traveller.

I want your adventure abroad to be filled not only with amazing views but also with joyous moments, friendly people and interesting conversations that feed your mind and soul.

I want you to be able to speak the language you love confidently and create memories that last a life time.

If you’re ready to make this happen, the Personal Learning Programme is for you.

Praise for learning with Ermy

“Iona had a great time in Paris and afterwards said that the learning sessions had helped a lot when it came to speaking confidently with her host family. My daughter and I would highly recommend Ermy!” —  LISA H BUTLER & IONA, French learner

Ermy on the beach

Here’s what you’ll get when joining the Personal Learning Programme:

  • A FREE Discovery Session on Skype with me to discuss and clarify your learning needs and goals. Book it now right here!
  • A series of 5 or more one to one language learning sessions aimed at building up your language skills as well as your confidence in speaking Italian, Spanish, French or English
  • A learning curriculum created and designed just for you that will help you learn just what you really need. This is YOUR language course, that’s why I don’t use any standardised language book or course. I create the resources for your course personally to cater to your needs.
  • Guided self study activities to help you develop your language learning skills every day.
  • Helpful (and pretty!) learning sheets with the vocabulary and grammar you’ll learn all organised in one place.
  • Learning strategies to set you up for successful language learning also once the programme is completed.
  • Support via email throughout the whole duration of the course, because I know that questions will pop up in your mind after our learning session, so I’ll be there to help you.
  • An accountability partner (me!) that will help you stay on track through weekly check-ins. I promise I won’t be bossy  − not all the time! 😉

Bonus 1

Life time access to my online Superstar Language Learners’ class- This class includes the vocabulary you’ll be learning during your learning sessions (and more!). In this online class you’ll be able to play with online flashcards  that will help you keep up your languages skills.

Bonus 2 

Conversation session – Every 5 learning sessions you’ll have a 15-minute conversation practice with me to help you develop your communication skills and confidence in using the language you love – there’s no point in learning a language if you can’t enjoy speaking it, right?

Bonus 3

Recorded lessons – You may record the learning sessions for self study purpose, if you feel that this helps you.

What you won’t get

  • A textbook for the course.
  • A standardised programme designed just to pass an exam.
  • A didactic way of delivering lessons – most of the time I’ll help you figure things out rather than just telling you, so you’ll remember then better.
  • A teacher that takes herself far too seriously – you’re invited to have a laugh too.

Want to know more details and find out if  I’m the right teacher for you?

Apply now

Apply now to get a Free Discovery Session!

Praise for learning with Ermy

“Excellent teaching, every lesson has been very, very enjoyable and I can’t praise Ermy enough.” — BEN RUSSELL, Italian Learner



The languages available are Italian, Spanish, English and French and there is a limited number of spots for each one of them.

Apply now to book your FREE Discovery Session!

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Praise for learning with Ermy

“The main obstacle that prevented me from learning Spanish was not knowing where to start. In the Discovery Session with Ermy, I thought it was super smart to nail down conversation topics that personally apply to me. So, rather than sticking with “tus gatos comen pasta”, we figured out Spanish vocabulary words for things I actually do… like watercolors, knitting, writing blog posts. Also, having someone working with you to pursue your personal language learning goals is invaluable.” AMANDA SUE HOWELL (

 Learn a new language. Create your new life path.

If you’re telling yourself …

I’m not sure I can afford this. I understand you. Because I’ve been there too. This is an investment  in yourself. And when you invest in yourself your motivation to succeed increase. You have an important reason why you want to learn Italian, Spanish, French or English and if you want to get there in a way that doesn’t waste your time, energy and money and help you to be committed, this learning programme will help you do this. I honestly believe this programme is filled with tools that will ultimately save you time, dead ends and money. Yes, there are places online  where you can get language practice for free, but they hardly offer what the Personal Learning Programme gives you in terms of personalisation, support and coaching. This is an invitation to create your unique language course that will help you speak confidently the language you love without wasting your time, money and energy.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I know it’s important to be mindful of every penny you invest, especially if you’re a student. That’s why my Personal Learning Programme comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If after having had your discovery session and first learning session, you feel that this programme is not a good fit for you, please write to me to get a refund*. There is a firm deadline to ask for a refund, which is before you book your second learning session. I shall require your full, completed learning sheets, homework and a detailed explanation of what didn’t work for you so I can continue to improve. The reason I ask for your completed coursework is because I know that if you take action on the exercises, you’ll get tremendous value and make progress towards your learning goals.

*You will be refunded the whole amount of the programme and only be charged 39 pounds to cover administration expenses.

Apply now and as this is a one to one programme and  I have a limited number of spots for each language available (Italian, Spanish, English and French).

Apply now

Praise for learning with Ermy

I would highly recommend Ermy for learning Spanish, she is very patient and makes learning Spanish feel comfortable as you can have a conversation with her to practise as a friend which makes language flow much easier! She has great resources and doesn’t just stick to one way of learning each lesson which gives a good variety such as listening, music, flash cards and conversational. –ELLEN JEFFREY, Spanish learner 


If you are worried about…

the time and commitment, be aware that you will be scheduling your own learning sessions to fit your own schedule. Here’s the deal : if  yii abt to make consistent progress, you need to make sure you schedule you learning sessions periodically. If you have a learning session every three weeks or every two months (!), it won’t get you the results that you’re looking for and eventually it’ll be just a waste of your time, money and energy. And, I seriously don’t want that! You deserve to have the best learning experience and get the most out of it, this is why we will agree on a time limit to complete the programme ( depending on your learning goals) .

If you are thinking you should wait your next trip abroad to learn the language you love…

You may do so that but bear in mind that near holiday time, I tend to get fully booked quite quickly. Plus, this programme requires lots of preparation from my side too so that it’s suitable to you, this is why I only have a very limited number of spots available. You may also book your spot right now and schedule your learning sessions nearer your holiday time, if you think it works for you. Also, remember that a language isn’t a subject you can cram! You need time and consistency to learn a language properly, so it’s always better to start to learn it as soon as possible and keep it up -and I shall give you strategies and resources to do that too throughout the programme!

The Personal Learning programme is perfect for you if…

  • You are a curious life long learner, a traveller, an adventurer, a language addict, a creative-individual-with itchy feet, with a burning desire to communicate in Italian, Spanish, French or English.
  • You’re willing to commit to learn a language not only with your teacher but also in your own time.
  • You need some accountability to manage to achieve point 2!
  • You want to get to speak confidently (not only learn!) the language you love.
  • You want a personalised programme that helps you to learn just what you need in order to speak the language you love.
  • You want to learn a language in a way that is right for you.
  • You’ve tried many standardised language courses but you couldn’t find any that worked for you.
  • You enjoy learning new things and a new challenge.
  • You’re willing to get out of your comfort zone.
  • We find out that we get on well during your FREE discovery session

The Personal learning programme is not for your if…

  • You think you can learn a language only by showing up to face to face lessons without investing some of your own time in self study and learning.
  • You’re learning the language *just* to pass an exam or because your employer would like you to do so.
  • You don’t have the willingness to commit at least at least 10 minutes a day to keep your language up.
  • You think that this programme will bring you from zero to completely fluent in a month or so – you’ll get to a reasonable level of fluency according to your starting point, effort and commitment level.
  • You feel that the Language Rose Learning Philosophy does not resonate with you.
  • You have zero sense of humour and take yourself far too seriously .😜

Still in doubt and want to find out more? Fill in the application and we can chat about this during the Free Discovery Session.

Apply now

Praise for learning with Ermy

“The short time we have spent together you have given me lots of confidence and for that I thank you very much.” – JOHN CRADDOCK, Italian learner

What happens after you apply?

You’ll get an email from me within 1-2 working days to schedule your FREE discovery session. During the discovery session, we will:

  • Explore in details the programme content
  • Clarify your learning goals and a set a time frame to achieve them
  • Find out how you learn best and identify effective language learning strategies for you
  • Create a curriculum that we’ll follow over the duration of the programme
  • Schedule the learning sessions
  • Find out if we get on well!

The answers you’ll provide in the application will be kept confidential and will serve for the sole purpose of the Discovery Session.

How long does this programme last?

You decide. In the discovery session we set your language learning goals and a reasonable time line within which you will be achieving them. This programme is all built around you and your needs, this is why the Discovery Session is so important to help you figure out what you actually need and how I can help you best. You can book this free session now by clicking on the button below

Apply now

Have you got more questions? Please check out this F.A.Q.

Still not sure?  Got a burning question? Feel free to email me 😁

I’ll her back to you quicker than Speedy Gonzales. 😉


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