F.A.Q. Personal Learning Programme

Worries & Objections

Who is the Personal Learning Programme perfect for?
A passionate life-long learner, a traveller, an adventurer, a language-addict, a creative-girl-with-itchy-feet with a burning desire to communicate in Italian, Spanish, French or English and learn it at her own pace and in a way that is truly suitable to her. Someone who needs some extra-push to follow through (especially on Mondays!) and gain the confidence to speak up – I’m here to rescue you, my friend!

Where do the learning sessions take place?
The learning session take place online on Skype or in Chester (UK) city centre, if you live around here. As an included bonus, you are allowed to record the sessions so that you can access them any time you like and learn at your own pace.

Are you a qualified teacher?
I am a qualified teacher and a certified Neurolanguage® coach -and am very proud of that!  If you want to know more about my qualifications, have a look at my about page

What do we do in the Free Discovery Session?

After you book your FREE discovery session, you’ll get a confirmation email from me with a Learners’ Insight Questionnaire to complete before our session. The answers you’ll provide in the questionnaire will be kept confidential and will serve for the sole purpose of the Discovery Session. During the discovery session, we will:

  • Explore in details the programme content
  • Clarify your learning goals
  • Find out how you learn best and identify effective language learning strategies for you
  • Create a curriculum that we’ll follow over the duration of the programme
  • Schedule the learning sessions
  • Find out if we get on well!

I want to buy this programme as a gift to my daughter. Have you got a DBS?
Yes, I have. And I shall be ver happy to show it to you. Just send me an email at thelanguageroseATgmail.com and let me know.

I’d like to take the Programme but I believe it’s better for me to buy it nearer to my holiday time. Don’t you think so?
You may do so that but bear in mind that nearer holiday time, I tend to get fully booked  quickly, so you may get disappointed. If you want to save your spot, buy the programme now and schedule your learning sessions nearer your holiday time. Also, remember that a language isn’t a subject you can cram! You need time and consistency, so It’s always better to start to learn it as soon as possible and keep it up -and I shall give you strategies to do that too!

I have never taken a language course on Skype before. Will this work online?
Yes, aboslutely! It’ll feel like me coming to your house! You’ll get the material send in advance to your email address and then you’ll just need your laptop with a webcam and Skype, so that we can see each other on video. It’ll be just like a real face to face lesson!

What if I find out during the Programme that this is not working for me?
As part of my 100% satisfaction guarantee, after your purchase, you can have your introductory and first learning session and, if you feel you didn’t get any value out of them, you can request a refund before you have your second learning session. As long as you submit your refund request on time, show me all the coursework completed at the best of your ability and show me with a detailed explanation of what didn’t work (so that I can improve!), you’ll be refunded the whole price of the programme and be charged only 49 pounds to cover administration expenses.
I don’t want to waste your time or money. I believe that when you start any life learning programme like this, it’s important you know exactly what you’re embarking on and that you resonate with the teacher that is helping you. If you feel unsure about us being a good match, before buying, please do have a look at my about page and teaching philosophy that you can find right here. If you feel that I’m not the right teacher for you or want to buy the course just “to check it out”, please don’t! On the other hand, if you feel we can be a great team together, come on board, my friend!

Why should  the learning sessions be scheduled over a certain period of time? What’s the time limit for?
When I created this programme, my first goal was to help you save time and money by making the most out of your learning sessions. If you have a learning session every two weeks or every month, it won’t get you the results that you’re looking for and, eventually, it’ll be just a waste of your time, money energy. And, I seriously don’t want that! You deserve to have the best learning experience and get the most out of it, this is why there’s a time limit to take your learning sessions.

I’ve joined other language learning programmes but I didn’t get much out of them. How can you be sure that your programme will work for me?
I’m glad you ask this question, because it allows me to clarify a few important issues.
Here’s the thing: if you expect a programme to magically *make* you learn a language, then this course is not for you. Programmes like this can’t do anything for you, if you don’t use the course material or make it work for you, first.
Now, the Personal Learning programme, is carefully crafted to help you learn the language you love and get you to actually communicate in this language. So, if you follow my lead, and are willing to put in the work required inside and outside the learning sessions, you’ll get where you want be. Please, don’t expect to learn *just* by showing up at the learning sessions, you need to follow through by taking some time every day to develop your language skills (this is also why I added all those extra bonuses: to help you  do this!). If you’re willing to put in your effort and time, I’Il guarantee you’ll win and, by default, I will too! 🙂  Because you see, your success is directly linked to mine. On the flip side, if you don’t follow through, you not only hurt yourself, but you hurt me too, I lose a client I treasure, I lose a testimonial, I lose your trust, I lose your unique contribution, l lose everything. So, it’s in my best interest to do everything in my power to see you speak the language you love!

How many sessions can I have minimum?

This depends on you and on your learning goal. I recommend a minimum of 5 sessions to see some good progress.

How much this programme cost?

Price depends on how many sessions we have together. I tend to give discounted price for packages of 6 and more sessions, that’s why is important to decide together how many sessions you’ll actually need to achieve you goal so I can also give you the best price!

Is this programme expensive?
If your first hesitation is money, then this course is definitively not a right fit, and that’s okay. I honestly believe this programme is filled with tools that will ultimately save you time, dead ends and money. This is a life investment. You deserve to learn the language you love in a way that is just right for you and make your foreign dream come true! How much is that worth to you? If this is not a priority for you right now, then please don’t buy this programme.

I don’t have the time to do this right now, will the price remain the same in the foreseeable future?
Unfortunately, I cannot fix my rates. Prices can change at any time without previous notice as the programme evolves and cool new features get added. What you can do, though, is to block your spot buy buying at the current rate and book your learning sessions for later on. PluS, remember, that no one has time. We make time for the things that are important to us. If learning the language you love is important to you and you feel that this is the right course for you then come on board, my friend!

I’m already on a language course right now. Is it a good idea to take Personal Learning Programe on the side?
I believe this would be extremely beneficial. You’d  be able to reinforce and extend and put into practice the knowledge that you’ll be gaining during other course and manage to do tremendous progress.

I am only free on weekends, are you available?

Yes, absolutely. We can schedule a time over the weekend too for your course. However slots are limited so I’d advise you to book your spot right now.

I am travelling over the next month, can I still have learning sessions?

Of course, this programme is designed for you to have lesson anywhere online. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can go through the programme virtually anywhere prior to scheduling a convenient with me.

What if I have to skip a learning session?

You can re-schedule lessons as long as the rescheduling is done no less than 48 hours in advance of the start of the lesson that you want to re-schedule.

What does a learning session look like?
It’s difficult to describe a learning session for the Personal Learning Programme, because they vary according to the learner. Every learner is different!!  I can tell you that every learning session is designed with a communicative goal or objective in mind that I’ll help you achieve. There is normally a warm up activity to recap or elicit previous knowledge, a variety of activities to help you learn new grammar and vocabulary and, more importantly, get you to speak from day 1!

Will this Programme make me fluent?
First of all, we need to be aware that there are different level of fluency. Every lesson will aim you to make you fluent on a specific topic that we decide together (for instance, introduction, talking about your holiday, etc.) . If you start from zero, do not expect to be completely fluent in all possible topics in 5, 10 or even 20 lessons. You’ll reach the right level of fluency for you, according to your starting point.

Do you offer the Personal Learning Programme to group of people?
This programme is just for individuals but I apply a similar methodology in my group lessons. I love having group lessons and you ca an have look at my group rates here.

I have another question that is not answered here can I speak to you?

Sure! If you feel that this programme could be the right fit for you and want to speak to me in person before purchasing it, feel free to book a discovery session right here.