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Here are some testimonials from my students, colleagues and other language learners around the world who stopped by my little corner of the internet!

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Ermy is a wonderful language coach and her own experience of learning English Spanish and French are great inspiration to all language learners” – JONATHAN HUGGINS,

If you enjoy doing something, then you are more motivated to achieve your expectations and goals. I have achieved my learning goals and had fun thanks to Ermy.

Two months ago I knew very little Italian, but now I am ready for my first visit to Italy.

I am sure that my travel experience will be enhanced considerably by being able to converse in the native language. 

The confidence and knowledge I have gained in such a short time is down to the tutoring skills and organised approach of Ermy.

Key to the process was the initial discovery session. From that, Ermy designed a specific Learning Programme geared to meet my learning expectations and language capability. 

Whilst the programme provided the learning framework, there was also the flexibility to cover topics not necessarily planned at the outset.

The most beneficial , and indeed enjoyable part of the course, were the role play sessions.

Communicating with a native speaker was a great advantage, but the enthusiastic and bubbly personality of Ermy was the key ingredient in building my speaking confidence. Mille grazie, Ermy” – GRAHAM COTTS


“Thanks to Ermy I have a much better understanding and my confidence has sky rocketed. Ermy’s way of explaining the verb endings and the reasons why you would use different tenses really made an impact on me. I now have so much more confidence and fluidity when speaking and have a much greater understanding of it all. Her calm and fun approach made me enjoy the lessons and learn so much. Thank you Ermy.” – ALAN BAXTER

“Ermy is a great teacher. She plans her lessons in great detail and has a great way of making them fun by introducing ways to remember words and phrases either through games, role play or diagrams. She manages to cover a whole range of subjects and scenarios but is also able to build in flexibility and answer questions whenever they arise.

She has energy and enthusiasm and clearly loves being able to tutor others. I have been on an Italian learners course at a college before but learnt so much more with Ermy. Her English is first class and her understanding of grammar and all its nuances makes learning another language so much more straightforward to understand and therefore remember. Best of all we had fun!– SUE HAYGARTH

“I really enjoyed our lessons and I learned a lot this year.” – SPARKLE ELLISON

It was only a hour but the session was so well structured that I learned more than I could imagine. Thank you!” – AINOA CESAR

“I attended an Italian course with The Language Rose earlier this year. Teacher Ermy is great – she has endless patience, enthusiasm and humour. She also plans everything really thoroughly, her explanations are clear, and the whole experience is fun. I learnt a lot and highly recommend The Language Rose” LOUISE DIGGLE,

Learning a foreign language can be quite difficult but Ermy makes it that much easier with her calm and fun way of approaching her teaching. It is good to have Ermy, who is a native Italian speaker, as your Italian teacher as she can give her students understanding not only into the way the language functions but also about the culture of Italian life in general. She’s also able to help us understand some colloquial Italian phrases, that don’t make sense in English, but communicate a lot to Italians! Ermy’s teaching aids and printed materials are clear and concise and geared towards situations that we would encounter when in Italy (e.g. the Italian for Travellers series was excellent). I would recommend Ermy and The Language Rose if you are looking to learn a language from scratch or improve what you already know about the language. MIKE MEYNELL

I would highly recommend Ermy , she is very patient and makes learning a language feel comfortable as you can have a conversation with her to practice as a friend which makes language flow much easier! She has great resources and doesn’t just stick to one way of learning each lesson which gives a good variety such as listening, music, flash cards and conversational. ELLEN JEFFREY

“Ermy’s classes are always fun and engaging, especially the role play which built my confidence. Her classes are always well prepared and using a good mix of exercises and approaches to learning.” KATRINA

“The main obstacle that prevented me from learning a language was not really knowing where to start. In the Discovery Session with Ermy, I thought it was super smart to nail down conversation topics that personally apply to me. So, rather than sticking with “tus gatos comen pasta”, we figured out vocabulary words for things I actually do… like watercolors, knitting, writing blog posts. Also, having someone working with you to pursue your personal language learning goals is invaluable.AMANDA SUE HOWELL,

“Excellent teaching, every lesson has been very, very enjoyable and I can’t praise Ermy enough. ” – BEN RUSSELL  

I loved my Italian lessons with Ermy! She talked to me to get a feel for how much Italian I already knew (not much) and tailored the lessons to cover the things I wanted to know and fill in gaps so I can have conversations with real Italians. She is very helpful and responsive.“– CARINA LOCKWOOD

I found Ermy’s patience and courtesy invaluable in the language course and I would have no hesitation in recommending Ermy if starting to learn Italian from scratch.” – CHRIS GREENWOOD 

I seemed to be circling round and round not progressing until I started learning with Ermy. The lessons were fun, intensive and very well planned. I would recommend Language Rose to everyone!” – NICK JAMES

Really good teacher, she really makes it fun learning Italian. Only good vibes which is important in language learning. I highly recommend Ermy!“– ANDRES NICOLAI MAGNUSSEN

“The short time we have spent together you have given me lots of confidence and for that I thank you very much.” – JOHN CRADDOCK 

“Thanks so much for a great four weeks of learning, I was pleased with my progress and felt happy that I was confident enough to try out my language skills when away! I tried to use my Italian wherever I could. I was pleased with myself for using it as much as I did, and I enjoyed saying ‘Piacere’ to the people I met.” REBECCA ALCOCK 

Ermy’s resources have brought out my “learning superpowers”!  The inputs to learn solo helped me a lot. I could learn Italian faster thanks to the flashcards on Quizlet which featured high frequency words, so they were of great help to read Italian as well as understand daily conversational Italian.” SRINIVAS RAO

“Ermy helped me a lot! I had a very specific language exam and she adjust all the classes to what I needed. She was great.” PAULA

Ermy has been a great tutor for my daughter, Iona, and has brought on her language skills in leaps and bounds! Ermy is well prepared and my daughter has really enjoyed the activities and how Ermy works to reinforce her learning. 
Iona had a great time abroad and afterwards said that the tutorials had helped a lot when it came to speaking confidently with her host family. I know where to come if she wants some additional help for her GCSEs! My daughter and I would highly recommend Ermy!”– LISA H BUTLER & IONA

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