Sing & Speak Italian

You can learn + speak real Italian with confidence when you learn with… songs! 

You’ve probably learned Italian for a while, however…

  • You have no exposure to real life Italian language —only dry textbooks or material made for learners.
  • You are scared of speaking, don’t get enough speaking practice and probably struggle with formulating sentences to express your thoughts.
  • You find it difficult to memorise new vocabulary and are a bit bored of memorising dull lists of words…

You are looking for…

  • Exciting, authentic resources (with real Italian!)
  • A way to remember what you learn and actually speak
  • Something that helps you get consistent speaking practice (and feedback to improve!)

You need: Sing & Speak Italian!!

Sing & Speak Italian is a 3 week programme where you learn to speak real Italian through songs, get consistent speaking practice, accountability and feedback.

Enrolment is now closed. Get on the wait list to be the first one to be notified when enrolment for Sing & Speak Italian re-opens.


What you gain from this programme

Learn real Italian from Italian songs 

A curated list of songs with useful, real Italian vocabulary to use in your speaking —and sound more Italian

Get over your fear of speaking with consistent practice

Get speaking practice to build your confidence by recording yourself speaking about a variety of topics

Personalised feedback

Get personalised, unlimited feedback on your speaking practice

Remain accountable 

Get accountability and also get rewards and surprises when you complete assignments!

Remember what you’ve learned 

Memorise your vocabulary through songs, fun activities and… dance movements!

Creative ways to learn Italian 

You’ll learn a variety of creative ways to learn Italian that will serve you throughout this programme and… for life!

Stay motivated

Get encouragement, inspiration and motivation throughout the programme


I send you the material, you study it in your own time. Catch up the replay of tutorials you miss

What Italian level is required?

The minimum level to make the most out of this programme is an A2 level, the maximum level is a B2 level of the Common European Framework of Languages. Here is a description of the levels. 

How this programme works

>> Every week, we study an Italian song — you receive the learning activities and watch the weekly video tutorial

>> You get speaking assignments to practice what you’ve learned from the song.

>> You record yourself speaking and submit your speaking assignments

>> You can get personalised feedback on your assignments (VIP plan)

>> You can resubmit the speaking assignments following the feedback to improve further. (VIP plan)

>> You stay motivated and accountable throughout the programme + get special treats and prizes for completing assignments! 🙂

What’s included

A curated selection of Italian songs with lyrics + English translations
Video tutorials where we analyse beautiful Italian songs and learn from them
Learning sheets, checklists and tasks to help your learn and stay on track
Techniques and strategies to learn Italian in a creative ways that will serve you for life!
Speaking assignments to put into practice what you learn
Rewards and surprises for completing assignments.
Unlimited, one to one, personalised feedback on your speaking practice
BONUS: Training “How to Find time to learn a language” for very busy bees —I know you are one!
BONUS: A Dance and Speak Italian workshop — in this class we translate a full song together and memorise its meaning through movements.

Sing & Speak Italian also includes…

3 weeks of outstanding student’s support from the start of the course till the end!

This not an online course where you get given the material and you get on with it on your own.

I’ll be with you, every step of the way. Because you matter to me. I care if you watch the videos. I care if you complete the activities. I care if you submit your speaking tasks. I care if you speak up and ask questions.

Because I have learned a language before like you, and I know that it takes time, effort, consistency and also motivation…sometimes you may feel stuck, doubtful, or simply curious and excited to learn more. And you’ll need someone else that guides you, cheers you on and help you make your learning journey a rewarding experience.

So, every time you are feeling stuck, have a question, want to share an exciting win, email me during the programme. Get a personal, thoughtful reply within 1-3 business days.

What previous learners said about Sing & Speak Italian

“I love that Sing and Speak Italian has enabled me to “steal” phrases from songs and use them in different contexts, knowing that the grammar is correct as it’s taken from an Italian! I also love waking up with Italian lyrics going around my head!  — Sally Rowe                                                                    

“ I already listen to Italian music a lot on Spotify and have wanted to translate songs so I could sing along. I immediately recognised “Dove e quando” but have only been able pick up on a few of the words in my previous multiple listenings. I have not taken the time to just sit and totally focus on the song. Sing & Speak helps me do this and hold me accountable to do so.“ — Kari S.                                                                                                        

“I like hearing the song, learning the meanings.  For me, this is a good way to learn as I love music and singing. Although I am not excited about the dance movements to remember words to a song, it is very effective and I enjoyed them” — Marie Bell                                                                                       

“This class made me think! I learned how to structure my sentences in Italian by taking words in a song. It was the best way to learn because we had fun with it! Also, actions with words help you learn so much quicker! ”— Sean & Sophie B.                                                                           

A certified language coach as your guide

Ermy Pedata – I’m an Italian from Naples living in the Uk and I’ve been teaching Italian to people from all around the world since 2010. I’m a certified language coach and have lots of other teaching qualifications under my belt (you can learn more about me here), however I believe that what qualifies me most to help you learn Italian is that I’ve been through the language learning process myself multiple times and I’ve been where you are right now! 

A few signs that you definitely need Sing & Speak Italian

  • You’ve studied Italian for a while and you are demotivated about your Italian learning. You are bored of textbooks and the courses you’ve tried.
  • You have a tendency to avoid speaking Italian because you are too scared of speaking.
  • You want to expand you vocabulary; get words and phrases used daily by Italians.
  • You struggle with memorising vocabulary and you’d like a way to learn new vocabulary that is fun and engaging.
  • You are a creative person, you love music, art, dancing…and you’d like to bring more creativity into your language learning.
  • You’ve been learning Italian but you haven’t been able to get consistent speaking practice
  • You always say, “I’ll start this weekend” but the weekend comes and you do zero Italian. You need accountability.
  • You feel frustrated as It’s very hard for you to compose thoughts and sentences in your brain…
  • …Hence, you need speaking practice and feedback to improve.

Are you in?

Enrolment is now closed. Get on the wait list to be the first one to be notified when enrolment for Sing & Speak Italian re-opens.