Sing & Speak Italian

This programme is officially in session

Are experiencing any of the following issues?

  • You have no exposure to real life Italian language — only textbooks or material made for learners.
  • You find it difficult memorise the vocabulary you learn
  • You have inconsistent or non existent speaking practice and struggle with formulating sentences to express your thoughts.


How about using Italian songs to build and memorise the vocabulary you need (aka real Italian) in order to speak Italian with confidence?

I know… you may say : “There are loads of songs out there… How can I find the ones that are for right for me? How can I use songs effectively to improve your spoken Italian?”

I created & Speak Italian to help you with this.

What’s Sing & Speak Italian?

Sing & Speak Italian is a self-paced programme in cycles of 3 + 1 weeks where you can learn and improve your spoken Italian through songs.

How does it work?

  • Every week I shall send you an Italian song that sets a speaking theme for the week.
  • We translate the song and memorise its key phrases and vocabulary through moves/ dance
  • We explore a main grammar point in the song
  • You practice the grammar point
  • You complete a speaking assignment to practice what the vocabulary and grammar you’ve learned (by recording it and emailing it to me)
  • You get feedback on your speaking practice
  • I did a Show & Tell about how this programme works and you can watch it right here.

Benefits of Sing & Speak Italian

  • Get exposed to real Italian language through a curated selection of songs 
  • Practice 4 skills in 1 program: listening, reading, speaking and writing
  • Flexible — I send you the material, you study it
  • Get feedback on your speaking
  • Remain accountable 
  • Stay motivated
  • Feel more positive and confident knowing that you are consistently learning

What Italian level is required?

The minimum level to make the most out of this programme is a good basic level of Italian, about an A2 level of the Common European Framework of Languages.

When does this programme starts?

This first week of this programme starts on 9th November 2020. Here is the calendar week by week. Enrolment closes on Sunday 8th November at 9am (London Time).

What’s the time commitment?

Sing & Speak Italian will take between 2-3 hours of your week, which would be between between 15-25 min a day. 

If you think that the average person spend much more than this time on social media, it makes you re-evaluate how you spend your time… If time is an issue, you’ll benefit from the bonus training “How to find time to learn a language” included in this programme.

What does Sing & Speak Italian include?

  • A 3 + 1 week programme with a curated curriculum of Italian songs (one per week)
  • Translation video lesson + memorisation activities  (through movement)
  • Grammar explanations (either written or video) 
  • Grammar practice activities
  • Speaking assignments
  • Feedback on speaking assignments
  • Support and questions through email
  • Life time access to material
  • Prize for the most active participants!⭐️🎊
  • Bonus training: How To Find Time To Learn A Language — for those who struggle to find the time to do something they love!

I could normally cover the content of this programme in about nine 1:1 sessions. Along with the bonus, you’ll get the value of more than £400 in a format of this self-paced course for just £109 for founding members (people that take this programme for the first time!)

This programme is officially in session

This programme is officially in session


Is this programme going to to be good for my level?

As long as you have at least a basic knowledge of Italian (an A2 level of the common European framework) in this programme you’ll have the opportunity to enrich your vocabulary and gain a better understanding of a variety grammar topics. In the programme, I also provide extensions/ extra points to the main grammar topics explored, if you wish to explore them further.

Will this programme work for me?

Yes, this programme will work for you, as long as you do the work and you enjoy working on your Italian through songs. I’ve already experimented the techniques in this programme in a previous workshop and the results were great. I tell about this experience right here. However, if you are the kind of person who prefers traditional language courses and are not really willing to take ownership of your own learning by following a programme like this, please do not enrol.

I’m not sure if I have time for this programme…

Sing & Speak Italian will take between 2-3 hours of your week, which would be between between 15-25 min a day. If you think that the average person spend much more than this time on social media, it makes you re-evaluate how you spend your time… If time is an issue, you’ll benefit from the bonus training “How to find time to learn a language” included in this programme.

Do you only accept payment through Paypal?

I can also accept Stripe payments or, if you are in the UK, bank transfers. Please write to to request an alternative payment method.

Why enrolling now?

Because you’ll be part of the founding members of this programme and get all the value of this programme at the lowest price possible.

How do I access the material?

Everything is sent to you through email.

Is the translation video lesson live?

This programme is designed to be self paced, hence you’ll be sent the recording of the translation video lessons.

How do I record my speaking assignments?

Through Here is a video where I explain how to use it. You record your speaking and then send me the link so I can listen to you and send you my feedback.

How does this programme compare to 1:1 classes?

Normally when you have 1:1 lessons, you meet once a week with your teacher for an hour or so, who teaches you and corrects some of your mistakes, perhaps you get homework afterwards… for some people it works well, but most of the time this is the only learning time a student gets within a week time, which is not the most efficient way to learn a language and keep up with it – and sometimes the student may feel they’ve forgotten everything when they meet their teacher again week later due to the lack of consistent practice!

The idea behind the Sing & Speak Italian‘s structure is that your activities are spread throughout the week to allow you more efficient and consistent practice. You also have more time to think about new words and specific constructions you want to use in your speaking and truly practice what you have been studying in you speaking assignment –without feeling the pressure to do it on the spot like in a one to one lesson!

Lastly, with 1:1 lessons you have to find time in your schedule that matches your teacher’s. With  Sing & Speak Italian, you can plan your study around your activities – even when you are busy!

Can I get a refund after I join in case I don’t like this programme?

Before your register for this programme, please check in with yourself that you’d really like to take it.

Once you register and pay, there are no refunds for any reason.

If you register and then you change your mind and or cannot take anymore the programme for some reason, you are welcome to give your place to a friend and they can take the programme in your place.

Thank you for respecting this policy.