Spanish – One-to-one courses (face to face and online) 

Wanna learn Spanish? Can’t blame you! It’s the second most widespread language in the world! Have a look below,choose your course and be ready to learn at your own pace! I can’t wait to learn with you! For booking and course enquiries . Please quote in the email subject the name of the course you want to book or enquiry about.

Survival/beginner Spanish (CFE A1-A2) £25.00/hr
Improver Spanish (CFE A2-B1) £25.00/hr
Intermediate Spanish (CFE B1-B2) £25.00/hr
Advanced Spanish (CFE C1-C2) £30.00/hr

GCSE Spanish £25.00/hr
A-level Spanish £30.00/hr
University Spanish £30.00/hr

¡De vacaciones! (Fast track to holidays in Spain)
£400 (pay in full, save £25.00) or £425 (pay in two easy installments of £212.50)
Special 12 lessons-programme of 90 minutes each designed for tourists like you! This programme will equip you with the language you need to enjoy your Spanish holidays as never before. The price includes lessons, lessons material and independent learning activities for hard-core learners!

The Conversation-Cure £20.00/hr
In these lessons, we take care of your speaking and conversational skills. Different conversational topics are explored and you can choose which ones you’d like to focus on first. Bring in some water, because we’ll talk A LOT! Side effects include enhanced fluency.

Pronunciation & accent £20.00/hr
This class is perfect for public speakers, presenters, singers or whoever would like to work and improve their pronunciation. You can be sure it’ll be great fun!

Cultural & Communication skills £25.00/hr
These lessons aim to improve your confidence in speaking and communicating in the foreign language by developing your cultural awareness. You’ll talk and communicate like a real Spanish! You’ll need to be at least an improver learner to make the most out of this class.

Interview preparation £25.00/hr
These lessons aim to give you the skills to face an interview in the foreign language of study.You’ll be ready to nail it! You’ll need to be at least at an intermediate learner to make the most out of this class.


Collaborative learning allows you to learn from other learners too and may save you some money as well! All courses above are available for groups too. The prices for more than one person per hour are as follows (with the exception of “De Vacaciones”):

2 Students £ 40.00 p.h.
3 Students £45.00 p.h.
4 Students £56.00 p.h.
5 Students £60.00 p.h.
6 Students £66.00 p.h.

For larger groups (from 7 people to 10 people), we charge £10 per person p.h