The 5 days Language Learning Challenge

5 days language learning challenge

Are you learning Spanish, Italian, French or English as a foreign language?

Are you sometimes struggling with your learning and getting a bit frustrated?

Are you stuck on your path to fluency?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, the 5 Days Language Learning Challenge is for you (AND IT’S FREE!).


“Thank you very much for your great tips. There was a lot of valuable content and I also liked the way you presented the information. I especially liked the third day. I wanted to improve my vocabulary but didn’t know where to start. The idea seems obvious but I hadn’t thought about it that way.”
SARAH LAND, French learner


The 5 Days Language Learning Challenge will help you to:

  • Day 1: Become a motivated and unstoppable language learner.
  • Day 2: Discover and use your Learning Superpowers 
  • Day 3: create a clear and actionable plan to get to Fluency-Land (especially if you’re learning your language solo)
  • Day 4:  Find a cool language exchange partner (aka your language best friend!)
  • Day 5: Apply my “secret” method to have awesome conversations with your language best friend (regardless of your level!).
Every day, you’ll get  a pretty learning sheet and fun activities that will set you up on your path to fluency!
“There really is so much valuable content in such a short period and one key take-away is your recommendation about how to find a good language exchange partner and develop a bond with them. Language exchange is one of my main areas of interest because I run a large exchange group and I’m always looking for ways to enhance the experience for all the group members, so I encouraged several motivated learners I know to check out your challenge. It’s been very informative and helpful.”
JONATHAN HUGGINS, Language Teacher
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