Essential Italian for Travellers : a mini-course for beginners

Learn to speak the Italian you need to enjoy your

next trip to Italy in 30 days or less

— and feel inspired to learn!

Imagine mastering just the Italian you need to enjoy your next trip to Italy, what would it look like?

Here are some examples…

Rather than getting sweaty armpits next time you are given an Italian menu (and ask if they have the English version!), you’ll know exactly what to order and do it like a real Italian.

Rather than looking at the shop assistant blankly when they tell you the price of what you’ve just bought, you’ll be able to understand prices, give the shop assistant the right money and say “ecco!” (here it is!)

Rather than asking if the person speaks English as soon as you meet them, you’ll actually be bold and say “proviamo a parlare in italiano prima!” (Let’s try to speak in Italian first!)

And if you are thinking: “This will take me hours of boring language classes!’

My answer : “It doesn’t have to be that way and the Essential Italian for Travellers mini-course can help you!”

What you gain from the Essential Italian for Travellers mini-course

  • You’ll master Italian vocabulary for common travel scenarios (e.g. ordering food in a restaurant, shopping, ask for information to locals, etc.) in 30 days or less
  • You’ll activate or elevate your speaking skills and use the vocabulary you’ve learned in speaking
  • You’ll learn from your mistakes by getting feedback (from a certified language coach) on your speaking
  • You’ll discover that learning Italian can be a joyful, inspiring part of your day, not a chore!

What’s included in the Essential Italian for Travellers mini-course

Essential Italian for Travellers is self paced mini-course and here’s what includes :

Fun lessons on essential conversation topics you can’t avoid having when travelling around Italy

Interactive video tutorials on main grammar points you’ll need for your conversations

A workbook with videos + reading + listening + writing activities

Over 70 sets of online flashcards with useful travelling vocabulary

Speaking activities (recordings) to activate or elevate your speaking skills

Personalised feedback on your speaking activities from a certified language coach (me, Ermy!)

Rewards and surprises for completing your speaking assignments 🙂

Creative and inspiring Italian related activities, like Italian colouring pages, quizzes, Italian songs to listen to, etc. for when you feel like learning but… in a relaxed way.

This mini-course also includes 30 days of outstanding customer support from the day you start the course.

This not an online course where you get given the material and you get on with it on your own.

I’ll be with you, every step of the way. Because you matter to me. I care if you watch the videos. I care if you complete the activities. I care if you submit your speaking tasks. I care if you speak up and ask questions.

Because I have learned a language before like you, and I know that it takes time, effort, consistency and also motivation…sometimes you may feel stuck, doubtful, or simply curious and excited to learn more. And you’ll need someone else that guides you, cheers you on the way and help you make your learning journey a rewarding experience.

So, every time you are feeling stuck, want some feedback on your speaking activities, want to share an exciting win, email me during the course. Get a personal, thoughtful reply within 1-3 business days.

If you are wondering, will this mini-course work for me? This mini-course works, if you do the work. If you learn the vocabulary, you’ll be able to understand more Italian. If you complete the speaking assignments, you’ll gain confidence in speaking Italian. If you play with your Italian by doing one of the creative activities in the mini-course, you’ll feel more motivated to learn.

However, don’t take my words for it and read below what other learners said about this mini-course

What learners said about this mini-course

“What I enjoyed the most about this mini course is that I could study at my own pace and I felt so proud of speaking some Italian! It is very complete for a mini course! “- MIRIAM DURAN

I enjoyed taking part in this mini course, practising speaking and gaining confidence. The course was very comprehensive and covered many different situations and the grammar section were brief and to the point.  ELEN WILLIAMS

I was pleased with my progress and felt happy that I was confident enough to try out my language skills when away! I tried to use my Italian wherever I could. I was pleased with myself for using it as much as I did, and I enjoyed saying ‘Piacere’ to the people I met.”  REBECCA ALCOCK 


Ermy Pedart

Me! Ermy Pedata a proud Southern Italian and certified language coach. My aim is to help you overcome your fear of speaking Italian and help you connect with the Italian world through creativity, art and play! You can learn more about me right here.


  • You are new or fairly new to the Italian language and want to start learning Italian within a travelling context.
  • You want to activate your Italian speaking skills — probably you know some words already but you can’t put them into sentences.
  • You have been learning Italian with an app but you have never practised speaking Italian before (or done any extended listening).
  • You tried a beginner Italian class before and felt unenthused or uninspired about learning Italian. You’d would like to re-ignite your passion for learning. This mini-course can help you.
  • You’d like to refresh your basic Italian, consolidate previous learning by practicing speaking and getting personalised feedback
  • You have a tendency to start learning Italian but never actually keep going with it.


Considering this mini-course…but want to ask a few questions before you enroll?

Check out the FAQs below. You might find your answer right there.

You can also email me at and I’ll be happy to help you.

What learners said about learning with Ermy

“I like Ermy’a teaching style because she uses a variety of methods, technology and she makes it fun. I feel I am learning what I set out to learn. ” –JACQUI G.

 “I needed a new teacher, a fresh approach, motivation and enthusiasm and Ermy really motivates me and encourages me to learn.” –ANNE JONES

“What I like the most about Ermy’s teaching is her great enthusiasm for passing on her knowledge, the way she corrects the students’ mistakes without making them seem foolish .The way Ermy groups together related elements (such as verb endings) help me learn twice the amount with half the effort. The lesson content is always well put together, with complementary use of games.” – DAVE FACER

” Ermy’s lessons are fun and informative. She has a knack of presenting the material and engaging the student.  I had been studying on my own and I don’t think I was making much progress.  Overtime Ermy gave me more confidence in learning.” – ANNETTE PICCONI 


Q: Who shouldn’t take this mini course?

If you are confident with your basic Italian, can use it in transactional conversations when you travel to Italy and feel that you have a good amount of travel related vocabulary, this mini-course is not for you.

Q: What’s covered in the Essential Italian for Travellers mini-course as far as vocabulary is concerned?

Some of the scenarios the course covered are: how to order food like a real Italian (and understanding what an Italian menu actually says), how to understand prices and ask simple questions when shopping, how to ask and understand directions in case you get lost or…just to have an excuse to practice your Italian, and there is more to discover in the mini-course. Extra vocabulary is also provided for other travelling scenarios, such as getting around the airport, introducing yourself at the hotel reception, describing the town where you come from in a conversation with a local, etc.

Q: Is this mini course self paced and happening online? Can I participate from anywhere in the world? 

Yes, yes and yes!

Q: I want to join but I’m very busy. What’s the time commitment for this course?

This mini-course is self paced and is designed to be completed within 10-14 days. You will need between 20-30 minutes a day. However, you can take more or less time than that. This is why you get 30 days of outstanding customer support starting from the day that the course is sent to you.

Q: How can I submit my speaking activities for feedback?

You’ll record yourself using an online recorder and share with me the link of your recording through email. I explain how to do this in a video in the mini course.

Q: Will I get feedback on my speaking activities?

Yes, as long as you submit your speaking activities within 30 days from the start of the course.

Q: Do you only accept Paypal for payment?

If you are form the UK I also accept bank transfer. Write to me if you prefer to pay through bank transfer.

Q: What’s the refund policy for this mini-course?

Due to the digital nature of this product I cannot offer any refund. Thanks for accepting this policy.