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If you enjoy doing something, then you are more motivated to achieve your expectations and goals. I have achieved my learning goals and had fun thanks to Ermy. Two months ago I knew very little Italian, but now I am ready for my first visit to Italy. GRAHAM COTTS

What do you need, my friend?

Speak Italian with confidence on your next trip to Italy 

even though you’re a beginner!!

Become fluent in Italian

so that you can enjoy the freedom to travel around Italy!


Learn more vocabulary in Italian,

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Ermy is a wonderful language coach and her own experience of learning English Spanish and French are great inspiration to all language learners” – JONATHAN HUGGINS, language coach and creator of the 30 Days Speaking Challenge

Ciao, My name’s Erminia, but you can call me Ermy!

I’m dedicated to help you to speak Italian with confidence so you can enjoy your next trip to Italy and have a real taste of the Italian lifestyle.

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Maybe you just want to learn to speak Italian from scratch by next time you travel to Italy or you’ve been learning Italian for a while and you’d like to get over your fear of speaking it, either way you are in the right place!

I myself have learned English, French and Spanish from scratch and once I was right where you are right now with your Italian. 

You can find out about how I learned my first foreign language  right here. I hope my story inspires you to take your next step!

I have been on an Italian learners course at a college before but learnt so much more with Ermy.– SUE HAYGARTH