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Ciao, My name’s Erminia, but you can call me Ermy!


I help enthusiastic travellers who love learning to speak with confidence the language they love so they can travel freely and enjoy experiencing a whole new world.

If you’re an English speaker who wishes to learn Italian or you are learning another language and would like to improve your language learning skills I can help you! Click here to seee my language courses to see if I am the right teacher for you so we can work one to one!

And if you’re a language nerd like me and you’d like some advice and tips on how to become fluent in the language you love…you’re in the right place too!

Once I was right where you are right now.  You can find out about how I learned four different languages  right here. I hope my story inspires you to take your next step!



Two months ago I knew very little Italian, but now I am ready for my first visit to Italy. The confidence and knowledge I have gained in such a short time is down to the tutoring skills and organised approach of Ermy. Communicating with a native speaker was a great advantage, but the enthusiastic and bubbly personality of Ermy was the key ingredient in building my speaking confidence. Mille grazie, Ermy” – GRAHAM COTTS

Thanks so much for a great four weeks of lessons, I was pleased with my progress and felt happy that I was confident enough to try out my language skills when away! I tried to use my Italian wherever I could. However, I was pleased with myself for using it as much as I did, and I enjoyed saying ‘Piacere’ to the people I met.” –REBECCA ALCOCK 

“I have been on an Italian learners course at a college before but learnt so much more with Ermy. Best of all we had fun!” – SUE HAYGARTH

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