What do you need, my friend?

Become fluent in Italian, Spanish, French or English

so that you can travel around the world!


Start learning Italian, Spanish, English or French

with like minded people (+ have dance parties!)

and finally find the TIME for it!


More consistency and less overwhelm

so that you can actually follow through in your language learning


Ciao, My name’s Erminia, but you can call me Ermy!


I help lifelong learners (like you!) enjoy travelling the world and creating once in a lifetime experiences by teaching them the language they love.

I’m a certified language coach and I’ll help you unleash your truest learning potential, embrace your “mistakes” and turn them into “experiments” that will let you unravel your path to fluency and …to your next foreign country.

I’m here to help you to learn just what you need to become a confident speaker of  Italian, Spanish or French.

I’d love to hear WHY you want to learn any of these languages. Because your “why” makes all the difference in your learning. And in my teaching.

Get in touch for a FREE discovery session on Skype to have a chat about your learning needs or sign up to join my free online classes on Quizlet for Italian, Spanish and French learners right here . 

I found Ermy’s patience and courtesy invaluable in the language course and I would have no hesitation in recommending Ermy if starting to learn Italian from scratch.

Chris Greenwood

Excellent teaching, every lesson has been very, very enjoyable and I can’t praise Ermy enough.

Ben Russell