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A few free language learning resources made with all my love just for you! ❤

If you’re looking for  free classes and workshops check this page too.


Italian starter kit-2Italian Starter Kit

This starter is a clickable PDF including a curated collection of online flashcards on Quizlet that I’ve created to help you get started with Italian. 🙂 Insert you details right here so I can send them to you.



FREE EBOOK  – “How to Become Fluent in the Language you Love”

30+ no-fail strategies to start learning AND become fluent in the language you love ( so that you can finally travel the world! 🙂




Italian for English Speakers

I created an online group for Italian learners to give support, mentoring and guidance and have a pleasant learning environment where you can practice Italian with like-minded people.

This group is called Italian for English Speakers and it’s a private group on Facebook. You can join it right here. Please ensure you read the group rules and answer the entry questions to be accepted into it.

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