Quiz time:

  • Have you ever learned a language in a packed (and boring!) class and felt you were going soooo slowly (or so quickly)?

  • Do you ever think that Duolingo is a cool way to learn a language but you’d definitely skip the animals unit because it’s not what you need to talk about when you’re on your next trip to Italy?

  • Do you ever get that pit in your stomach that makes your face go pink, whilst thinking “I don’t have the words to say this” in the middle of a conversation with your Spanish speaker friend?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above questions I got the solution for you.

I have created a programme. It’s called Personal Learning Programme.

And the reason why is called “Personal” is that the curriculum of this course is created just for a learner like you and according to your own needs (no standardized stuff!). And the “Learning” bit is about learning the language you love in a way that works for you. And, more importantly, in a way that doesn’t let the fear of making mistakes preventing you from becoming the confident and fluent speaker you’ve always desired to be.


…you want a trip abroad where you are no longer a tourist but a keen and confident traveller.
…You want a trip abroad that is filled not only with amazing views but also with interesting conversations that feed you mind and soul.
…You want a trip abroad during which you can truly connect to people of a differen culture by speaking confidently the language you love
…You want a trip abroad during which you can create the memories and the friendships of life time.

The Personal  Learning Programme is for you.

This is not a standardised language course with a ready made curriculum. It’s a course where you create your own curriculum so that you learn what you really need.

These are not language classes that you need to attend at a set time and date every week. These are one to one learning sessions that you schedule at your own convenience (because I know you have a busy schedule!).

This is not a language course that makes you learn a language. This is a programme that enables you to speak the language from day 1, packed with self study activities that will get you out of your comfort zone and become a confident speaker of Italian, Spanish,French or English.

The Personal Learning Programme is the “language course” that you have always desired to take and you thought it didn’t exist.

This is an invitation to create your own language course, so that you’ll be able to learn (and speak!) either Italian, Spanish, French or English in a way that is suitable to your schedule and relevant to you.

The Personal Learning Programme is available now at a discounted price until October 15th

Now, you may think you are not ready to invest your time or your money in this programme.

The truth is, no one is ready until they decide to be ready. And, I’m aware that especially if you are a student, you need to be mindful about the money you are spending. But, for a matter of fact, I also know that when you invest in yourself like you’d do with this programme, your motivation to succeed increase and you’ll achieve your goal.

So, if not now, when?

Because, here is the best part: the programme is not only available here at a discounted price, but I am also offering a scholarship that will allow you to take this programme completely for free (and you are also free to choose the programme plan too, either plan 1 or plan 2).

Entries for this scholarship close on October 15th at 11AM (London time) so make sure you do it now!

Don’t miss out on your chance to win a spot inside the Personal Learning Programme (click here to know more about the Programme). The winner will be announced on Monday, October 16th.



  • Download the blog post image above.
  • Post the image on the social media platforms of your choice (Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest) or post it on your blog with the caption:I want to join the #PersonalLearningProgramme with Ermy to learn Italian/Spanish/French/English (you need to pick one language!). Come join me at:
  • You get major bonus points if you post it on multiple platforms (and those bonus points definitely make a difference when picking a winner).
  • If applicable, tag me on instagram @thelanguagerose and remember the hashtag #PersonalLearningProgramme
  • In the comments below, let me know your name, your best email, where you shared the scholarship and a written or video response to these three questions: why do you want to learn Italian, Spanish, French or English? What would you be able to achieve if you learned the language of your choice?
  • Written responses must be under 200 words and submitted in the comments below.
  • Video responses must be under 2 minutes and uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and linked to below in the comments.
  • Don’t forget to join the Language Rose Learning Club to be the first one to know who the winner is on the day of the announcement. Click here to join the club, if you haven’t already!

***If you decide to join the Personal Learning Programme before the winner is announced (remember that discounted early bird prices are available now right here!) and you win the scholarship, I’ll simply refund your payment. 

I believe that learning a new language is a life changing experience that opens up a whole new world of opportunities. I’m so glad I can make language learning more accessible to everyone thanks to this initiative and with your collaboration.

I really can’t wait to see your aw-mazing entries!

Best of luck,

Ermy ***

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  1. Mohamed seoudi says:

    I have some questions
    – Is it just reading topics or interactive online sessions?
    – Is it for free? If not please let me know the fees?
    – Is there other languages, specifically Croatian?


    • Ermy from The Language Rose says:

      Hi Mohamed. The personal learning programme includes one to one learning sessions online (or face to face if you live near me), planned self study activities and more. You can find more details in the personal learning programme page. The scholarship is completely free and the languages available at the moment are Italian Spanish french and English. 🙂


  2. Irena Lazarova says:

    Hello Ermy!! Here is my entry: I have always been enamoured with all things Italian !! I started to learn Italian at school but forgot mostly all of it! I work as a hotel receptionist and two of my best friends are Italian too. Learning Italian would help me in my job but also in my social life. It’s something I really would like to do because I love the language!!
    I’ll share your post on instagram.Grazie!! 😉

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  3. Robert Brooks says:

    Hi Ermy. My goal is to learn to speak Spanish. I work as a refugee support worker with Spanish speaking refugees. Being able to speak Spanish fluently will enable me to communicate with the refugees effectively, help me to understand them and their culture more, and help the refugees to settle and feel at home and welcome in their new country. I shared the scholarship on Facebook, Linkedln, Pinterest and Google+.


  4. Angy says:

    Dear Ermy, I’ve shared your scholarship on Facebook. My husband is from Spain. I have always wanted to learn to Spanish to communicate with my husband’s family.i have tried to do it myself (bought also the book “Spanish for dummies”)but it has been hard to keep husband and I both lead a busy life,so it’s difficult to learn Spanish with him too or to practise together…I really want to this now because on Christmas we are going to Spain for two weeks and I am hoping to learn some more Spanish to communicate with his family. I think your programme can help me. Thanks for this , Angy


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