The TRUE reasons why learn Italian

If you expect to read about all those usual things that people say in order to convince learners to take this or that language,  this is not it! In fact, I’m not going to speculate over how speaking Italian will maximize your chances in getting this or that job or to study in this or that field (although, yes, in some fields knowing Italian is a great advantage!). Here, I’d rather like to speak about the true reasons why people want to learn Italian. And I mean reasons that make this language so attractive to them and that made many of my students embark on their wonderful Italian learning journey. Here they are, the top 5 reasons why they (and you!) TRULY want to speak Italian:

#1 It’s beautiful
My students always say:”I love how Italian sounds!”. Can’t blame them! Italian is intrinsically  musical and the fact that it essentially stemmed from the language that the poet Dante used (and created!) to write his masterpiece, “the Divine Comedy”, makes it one of the most beautiful Romance language to be heard and spoken for its unparalleled artistic pedigree. Italian IS beautiful, and it will make you feel beautiful too. Screw all those self help books about self esteem, Italian is the key! 😉

#2 You love the “dolce vita”!
Italians are master of the art of living a pleasurable life, and you can tell from the way they behave, speak, eat, dress…this is why so many people’s desire is to live in Italy, blend in the Italian culture and be kissed by the sun everyday. As Pavarotti would sing “voglio vivere così, col sole in fronte!”.

#3 An unforgettable Italian holiday!
The best Italian holidays my students have had are the ones where they were truly savouring the Italian culture by communicating with the language. Learn Italian, go to Italy, meet Italian people and be prepared to be fascinated by their stories, amused by their sense of humor, bewildered by their laid-backness and dazzled by the way they enjoy their life.

#4 To sing in Italian!
Music is a big part of Italian culture which is increasingly becoming part of our worldwide culture too. Italian opera, traditional Neapolitan songs and Italian folk songs have been internationally sung by worldwide famous performers. Some of my students have been musicians and singers who want to sing beautifully in Italian and fully transmit the emotions that lay behind the lyrics. Maybe, you too?

#5 To love and marry an Italian (and his family!)
That’s a lifetime decision which will bring you lots of happiness and also lots of other Italian speakers in your life.  Spending those Christmas dinners, lunches, Easter holidays, summer holidays in Italy with your consort’s family eating and conversing in beautiful Italian (and maybe some dialect too!) may make you gain some pounds but their food and love is “an offer you can’t refuse!” ;). You are part of a big Italian family now! Enjoy!!

The bottom line is, As Elizabeth Gilbert says in the book “Eat, Pray, Love”, “we all want to learn Italian because of what makes us feel” and if something makes you feel good, it’s definitely worth your time and dedication. So, come on over and and let’s learn Italian together!
And now it’s over to you! Can you add more reasons why you want to learn Italian? I’d love to here your TRUEST ones in the comments below!



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