Learn Italian on YouTUBE #WithMe

When all this crazy time started I decided to do something for my little community of learners…

I started to do online live class that are accessible to everyone on youtube.

Every week I show up live on my YouTube channel on Saturday (around 3:30pm BST time or sometimes later) to help you learn Italian on YouTube.

Sign up right here to know when the next live class is (It’s free + you get a welcome gift!)

Every lesson is live and we’ve been covering a variety of topics related to the Italian language.

We also do little quizzes with little translations from English into Italian to put into practise what we learn in the YouTube video.

So far, I have done five classes to help my tiny community of learners to learn Italian on YouTube and you can find them in the playlist below.

You can come too to learn Italian on YouTube with us next Saturday.

If you want to know the next lesson topic and at what time the class starts, make sure you are subscribed right here !

At the end of the class on YouTube, I also provide learning sheets that you can download right here.

I hope to see you there next Saturday to learn Italian on YouTUbe with us.

It will be a good opportunity to be together and learn something new which does help during this not so easy and strange times.

Meanwhile, stay safe and… a presto! ❤️


PS. Friends learn together!! Feel free to invite anyone else who would like to learn Italian on Youtbe with us too by sharing with them this post (use the social buttons below). 

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