False friends – Italian/English: Attendere (vs to attend)

There are some confusing verbs in Italian! Attendere is one of these!

In this Italian video lesson (done live on my Facebook group “Italian for English Speakers”!), I talk about the real meaning of two false friends in Italian and English: Attendere vs Attend.

Make sure you add these two verbs too your list of Italian false friends (or English false friends!). Watch the video below to understand:

  • The meaning of the verb Attendere (+ how to conjugate it in present, passato prossimo, and future)
  • The difference between attendere and aspettare
  • how to translate “to attend” in Italian (two different ways)

During the lesson we also do a little quiz to practise what you have learned through English/Italian translation, however if you are in a rush below are some useful time stamps:

  • 3:50 meaning of attendere, difference between attendere and aspettare, and examples.
  • 16:29 meaning and use of frequentare (to attend regularly)
  • 29:33 meaning and use of partecipare (to attend)

Download the learning sheet with the notes for this class right here !

You can also join my free facebook group “Italian for English Speakers” right here for extra practice.

A presto,


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