Most used verbs in Italian: domandare (vs to demand) & chiedere

In this Italian live class I introduce two most used Italian verbs : domandare (which doesn’t mean “to demand”!) and chiedere.

These are common Italian verbs that can be easily confused.

Watch the video lesson below to find out:

  • The difference between “domandare” and “to demand”
  • Italian verbs conjugation: domandare & chiedere
  • Italian verbs pronunciation: domandare & chiedere

Watch the full video class to also attempt the quiz, but if you are in a rush, below are also some time stamps 😉 :

  • 3:18 domandare (meaning and use)
  • 21:12 how to say “to demand”; esigere (meaning and use)
  • 38:41 chiedere (meaning and use)

Click right here to download the learning sheet with notes and translation practise from this class!

You can also join my free facebook group “Italian for English Speakers” right here for extra practice.

Finally, if you enjoyed this topic you may also want to watch this video lesson right here about how to use the verb “attendere” (which doesn’t mean to attend) where we also explore the difference between attendere and aspettare.

A presto,


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